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15 Clever People Who Came Up With Clever Solutions For Everyday Problems

June 30th, 2021

Thanks to social media, people can share clever and fun life hacks that are can save us money and time.

As they say, there is always a solution to every problem; and sometimes, that solution could be a simple life hack.

We’ve found 15 fun and simple life hacks that you’ll want to try right away. We are hoping that you would be able to do your tasks with ease with these simple and easy-to-follow life hacks.

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Reddit/Certain_Dig_8253 Source: Reddit/Certain_Dig_8253

Luxurious background

If you love posting on social media or have products to sell, having a clear and pretty background is a must. One of the most popular trends today is using faux fur fabric, but not all of us have that.

What’s the next best thing? Well, since your fluffy cat is snoozing somewhere in your home, why not borrow his beautiful fur for a while. We’re pretty sure your cat won’t mind if you use him as your background.

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Reddit/Mr_Vorland Source: Reddit/Mr_Vorland

Mushroom slicer

If you need to cut mushrooms, and you want to save time and energy, then look for an egg slicer. If you have one in your home, then that’s great!

You can use your egg slicer to slice your mushroom effortlessly.

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Reddit/WearADamnMask Source: Reddit/WearADamnMask

An easy way to carry your groceries

Look for a large carabiner and just put a sponge grip on it. Put it in your bag so that you can use it to carry your groceries with ease.

If your fingers can talk, they would definitely thank you for this life hack.

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Reddit/iwasinfiniteonce Source: Reddit/iwasinfiniteonce

A ramen rack

Love ramen? Well, this mom thought of a clever way to store her favorite comfort food.

Let’s try it too! Using an old cd rack, you can cleanly place your ramen and arranged them by flavor. Now, that’s an easier way to store your ramen.

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Reddit/itsAndi Source: Reddit/itsAndi

Green onion hack

If you love green onions and you want to save, why not regrow your own?

If the ends of your green onions are still intact, don’t throw them away just yet. What you can do is to put them in a glass of water and watch the magic happen.

In no time, your green onions will grow back until you are ready to harvest them again.

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Reddit/slofty_ Source: Reddit/slofty_

Caster replacement

If your chair’s casters get broken, don’t think of throwing it just yet. With just a couple of dollars, you would be able to buy skate wheels which you can use as caster replacements. They’re heavy-duty and would fit perfectly!

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Reddit/xXJuanSanXx Source: Reddit/xXJuanSanXx

Broken glass? No problem

One of the hardest parts of cleaning after a broken glass is making sure that you don’t leave any shards of glass behind.

Use a flashlight, and you would be able to see those tiny leftover shards easily. The shards cast a shadow that will make it easier for you to find them.

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Reddit/BumbleBeeeeeeeeeeee Source: Reddit/BumbleBeeeeeeeeeeee

Use an ear cuff style earring to prevent misplacing your Air Pods.

If you have an ear cuff style earring, you can use it and connect your Air Pod to it. It’s your cheap anti-fall and anti-lost hack for that expensive gadget.

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Reddit/baba56 Source: Reddit/baba56

Stain to design

Oh no! Your favorite shirt has a tough stain! You’ve tried everything but it won’t come off!

Don’t throw it just yet. Instead, use some old die to turn it into a cool patchy shirt. Think of it as a cool tie-dye project.

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Reddit/dramaticmusicplaying Source: Reddit/dramaticmusicplaying

Proper storage

Don’t throw your zippered bedding bags. They are actually quite useful. Take a look at this clever life hack. It doesn’t just work with wreaths; you can also store other large items to prevent them from collecting dust.

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Reddit/cleverraptor2 Source: Reddit/cleverraptor2

Maximize the use of your clothespins

Clothespins are a lot cheaper than using plastic chip clips, right?

Just grab one and use it to re-seal your bag of chips. Plus, wooden clothespins are so beautiful and you can even use them to hang your photos.

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Reddit/Mellow_Sunflower Source: Reddit/Mellow_Sunflower

DIY cozy chair

Sitting for long hours can give you horrible back pain. So, if you have an office chair that doesn’t give you back support, and then use this hack.

Just slide a pillowcase over your chair with a firm pillow. Now you can work with ease.

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Reddit/d_love_ Source: Reddit/d_love_

Leftover coffee hack

Have some leftover coffee? Please don’t throw that precious liquid away.

Pour your coffee into ice trays and freeze them. Now you have frozen coffee! What a great way to make iced coffee.

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Reddit/Knoppixx Source: Reddit/Knoppixx

A hack for your trash bag

Use a 3M hook and stick it upside down on your trash bin. Now you can use it to keep your trash bag in place. Clever and easy, right?

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Reddit/mynickname86 Source: Reddit/mynickname86

A hack for moms

Calling all moms out there! If you have a kid who just started walking and you happen to attend a reunion, and you want to know where your kid is, well, this lifehack is definitely for you.

It’s fun for your kid and it makes life easier for you!

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