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Squeeze your tension away by making a DIY stress ball using 4 items

June 2nd, 2021

We all experience different levels of stress at different points in our lives. And sometimes, we experience it more times than others.

Do you know what simple thing can help relieve our stress?

Stress balls. Yes, those little squishy things. They can help. A LOT.

Did you know stress balls were originally created to stress and tension? But studies have shown that they have so much more health benefits.

Stress balls can raise our heart rates and increase oxygen levels and, in effect, have helped improved blood circulation. These balls have helped relieve arthritic pain as well.

And do you know what else?

Stress balls can also reduce anxious feelings, strengthen muscles, increase positive energy, and improve sleeping habits.

The great part about stress balls is that they are very handy.

You can keep them in your bag. You can keep them on your work desk, your bedside stand, your kitchen drawer, your bag, or in your car.

And yes, that’s a lot of places. Stress balls may be cheap but if you have to buy several pieces for you (and your family), the cheap price adds up.

What’s the alternative?

Make your own. And it’s easy. And all you need are Orbeez polymer balls, water, and a balloon.

Fill a tall glass bottle with the super-absorbent Orbeez polymer balls. You can use whichever color you like. You can use different colors, one color in different bottles, or mix different colors together.

Fill the bottle with water and wait for two hours.

The balls will expand so make sure your bottles are tall enough or the balls and water will spill or break the bottle.

Drain the water completely.

Fill a balloon with air and transfer the balls inside the balloon. Deflate the balloon so there’s only enough air to fit the expanded balls. Close the balloon tight.

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YouTube/Ron Spina Source: YouTube/Ron Spina

Now you’ve got your own stress ball.

Instead of a balloon, you can also use latex gloves, the kind that medical staff uses. The latex gloves are a good option, especially if you use stress balls to reduce anxiety.

Making a stress ball with latex gloves will feel like you’re holding a hand. Is that something that you’d like to have?

You can schedule a day so you can make several balls at once, especially if you plan to give stress balls to your family, friends, and co-workers. Or if you want to give stress balls to total strangers to help them relieve their stress in a quick and easy way.

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YouTube/Ron Spina Source: YouTube/Ron Spina

And do you know what? Stress balls can help in a lot of different ways.

They can be used to help you focus and concentrate on the important things. And since you’re focused, you can avoid procrastination and be more productive. No more overtime!

You can also stress balls for therapy, especially if you have an injury. Of course, clear it with your doctor or physical therapist first!

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But yes, it’s a great and inexpensive way to continue with your therapy.

Do you work on a desk and spend all day in front of the computer? Use a stress ball to exercise your hands, wrist, and arms and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

And stress balls are just a great way to help improve our quality of life. Used often and with the right intention, we can use stress balls to relax more, sleep more peacefully, and be more mindful.

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Who knew a small ball can do all that?

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YouTube/Ron Spina Source: YouTube/Ron Spina

Want to see how it’s done? Watch the video below.

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Source: YouTube/Ron Spina, Brown Hill Surgery, Times of India