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15 DIY Cinder Block Projects

February 17th, 2018

It’s possible to have all the luxuries you’ll find at your favorite resort right in the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create these awesome amenities.

Here are 15 DIY projects that will make your house the coolest place to hang on the block that you can make with just some bricks, cinder, concrete, or stone blocks.

1) Mini Bar

All good parties start with a bar and this mini bar couldn’t be simpler to make.

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2) Outdoor Couches

Make sure you have comfortable seating for all your guests with this easy to make outdoor couch. All you need are some cinder blocks, an outdoor cushion, and some outdoor pillows.

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Better Homes & Garden Source: Better Homes & Garden

3) Outdoor Fire Place

You can use cinder blocks or a combination of cinder, concrete, and pavers to create a beautiful outdoor firepit. There are all different kinds of designs for this project from small pits to roast marshmallows over or large fireplaces to cook a pizza.

Source: Tim Knebel

4) Entertainment Center

If you’re going to entertain in your home, you’ll want to have a sweet entertainment center. You can create one with cinder blocks instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the store. You could even paint the blocks to give it a more finished look and create customized your design to fit your needs and budget.

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5) Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is the greatest amenity of them all. It is possible to build one on your own using cinder blocks, concrete, and pavers. You could save thousands if you do your research online. You can see how the one below was done here.

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Izismile Source: Izismile

6) Outdoor Bar Counter

Let the good times roll and enjoy this outdoor bar counter and seating which offers a place to sit, enjoy a drink, and a snack while looking out over your property.

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cnxconsortium.org Source: cnxconsortium.org

7) Urban Chic Bench

This beautiful bench is super inexpensive to make and won’t look like you made it at all.

Source: TheUnfrumpyMommyLife

8) Pond

Having a beautiful water feature in your yard isn’t all that expensive when you make it yourself. You can find the instructions here.

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dlingoo Source: dlingoo

9) Drink Station

You can stack cinder blocks and top it with a piece of wood and use it as an outdoor drink/snack station when you’re entertaining.

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10) Outdoor Day Bed

Soak up the sun on your outdoor daybed made from some wood beams, cinder blocks, and cushions.

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Cool Creativity Source: Cool Creativity

11) Garden Wall

Create a nice divider between your house and your neighbor’s as well as a nice sound barrier with this beautiful cinder block planter wall.

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Dlingoo Source: Dlingoo

12) Umbrella Stand

Need to create some more shady spaces for your guests? Use cinder blocks to make this sturdy umbrella stand and create shade wherever you need it. Get the instructions here.

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Pot Belly Bird Source: Pot Belly Bird

13) Fence

Create defined areas in your garden to make it feel like a special place by making fencing from cinder blocks and beams.

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14) Decorative Planters

These decorative planters are super easy to create and give your space a modern and chic look. Just stack and fill with soil and succulents.

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Apartment Therapy Source: Apartment Therapy

15) Rustic Tabletop Planter

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Design Sponge Source: Design Sponge

Place a cinder block in the middle of your outdoor table and place a succulent or some flowers or herbs in it to make a rustic tabletop planter.

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