DIY Coffee Table Ideas

August 16th, 2017

Coffee tables are the center piece of your living room, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s personalized to fit your style and household needs.

You don’t have to spend tons of funds to buy a customized piece or several weekends shopping at various furniture stores. With a modest budget and a weekend to spare, you can make your own.

Here are some ideas and plans for DIY coffee tables.

Crate Storage Coffee Tables

Everyone can use a little bit more storage in their living room and this table provides that. The tutorial found here also includes instructions on how to make matching stools so your kids can enjoy their snacks at the coffee table.

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Her Tool Belt Source: Her Tool Belt

Farmhouse Coffee Table

This charming little rustic table costs only $30 to make.

Source: The Rehab Life

Chicken Coop Coffee Table

This coffee table is functional, mobile, and serves as a focal piece in your living room. Learn how to make it here.

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Finding Home Farms Source: Finding Home Farms

Glow In the Dark Wood Pallet Table

It glows in the dark. That’s all we feel we have to say about this one. Learn how to make it below (be sure to check out the video’s description for details).

Source: thepoultrypeople

Rolling Pallet Table With Storage

This table is made from pallets, which you can find for free, and some inexpensive casters to provide mobility and storage. Learn how to make it here.

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Paper & Stitch Source: Paper & Stitch

Window Coffee Table

This coffee table is made from a simple wood frame and uses an upcycled old window to create a cool top that opens up and can be filled to serve as storage or house some cool decoration.

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Marty's Musings Source: Marty's Musings

Bench Table With Drawers and Bottom Storage

This cute table has double the storage and involves a pop of color. Get the instructions on how to build it here.

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Ana White Source: Ana White

Suitcase Table

This quirky table upcycles a vintage suitcase and is fairly easy to make if you don’t have any carpentry skills.

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Shope Ruche Source: Shope Ruche

Hidden Toy Chest Coffee Table

This coffee table does double duty as a toy chest and a coffee table. You can find the plans for it here.

Source: Ana White

Industrial Coffee Table

You can make these super cool industrial tables with a few bucks and a trip to the hardware store. You can download the directions here.

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Jiggle Claws Source: Jiggle Claws

Skinny Leg Pallet Table

This is another inexpensive build that you can customize with color.

Source: Brett Withjack

Crate Coffee Table

No carpentry skills… no problem. Just screw some wine crates together and call it a day. Get the details here.

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Hometalk Source: Hometalk

Faux Marble Coffee Table

If you just want to fancify an existing coffee table you can cover it with some marble contact paper. Watch how it’s done below.

Source: Samantha Schuerman

Rustic Pallet Table

This is another pallet design but it’s super easy to make and just stacks a few pallets, a perfect DIY project.

Source: PaintyCloud

Simple Colored Crate

This design is as simple as it gets and can be made for just a few bucks.

Source: HGTV

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