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Woman completely transforms boring mirror into gorgeous accent piece everyone wants to have at home
I can’t believe she was able to do this with an ordinary, plain mirror!
Jaclyn Abergas

What would you do if you had a plain mirror that doesn’t fit with the rest of the room?

You fix it with a beautiful design!

Elise Hunter, DIY-er mom and the design genius behind Hunters of Happiness blog, transformed her plain-looking full-length mirror with a brown frame into a beautiful and unique floral mirror.

On January 23, 2022, Elise posted a TikTok video showing the final product.

Obsessed with this #diy 🤍 #diyproject#mirrormakeover #RufflesOwnYourRidges #floormirror #epoxyresin,” Elise posted on the caption.

And her millions of followers loved it.

They showered her video with thousands of hearts and wrote their love for her and her designs in the comments. So many people wanted to know how she did it, including another TikToker by the name of anemonel2. She wrote:

“It’s really beautiful😍 Can you show us how you did it?,” anemonel2 asked.

And, like other TikTokers, Elise replied with another video, showcasing how she transformed the mirror into a one-of-a-kind design.

For this project, instead of just painting the brown frames white, she added a bigger white frame on all sides of the mirror. This will be handy when she glues on the floral design molds. She’ll have more freedom with the shape of the different flowers, as opposed to the original frame.

For the white frames, she had to use her power tools to customize them to fit her mirror. If you don’t have power tools at home or don’t know how to use them safely, you can go to your local hardware store and order the custom wood frame.

Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design
Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design

For the floral molds, she used mixed casting resin, the kind that dries white, and silicone floral molds. You can use the same molds featured in her video or just feel free to use whatever silicone molds you have, depending on the design you want.

After using construction adhesive to glue all the flowers on the frame, she painted them with a matte white color.

Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design
Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design

Her TikTok followers were so amazed and they’ve been inspired to start or continue their DIY journey.

“Wellllll I just went and got all the stuff to attempt this. Wish me luck! lol,” Cari said.

“Suddenly my rooms about to have a mirror 😌,” JennyuineVibes declared.

Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design
Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design

Even the TikTok user, anemonel2, who originally asked the question this video replied to, chimed in.

“Thank you @Elise Hunter DIY + Design for the DIY explanation. I will definitely give it a try😊,” she said.

And then there were some who wanted to use Elise’s technique as a basic foundation and put their own spin afterward.

“I want to do this but spray paint it all gold after!!!” Cassandra Ganados shared.

“I wanna do this but black with skulls and moths and roses 😻,” smallscrem added.

Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design
Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design

It’s also important to note a few of the practices that Elise demonstrated to create this wonderful design.

Elise has been creating DIY decor for years but only learned how to use power tools in early 2020. She did it the safe way and had other people, who knew how to operate power tools safely, teach her. In her case, her husband, Scott, helped her learn how to use power tools.

If you’re going to be operating power tools for your own DIY designs, make sure that you have an expert teach you how to use them safely.

Always have a large plastic bag or wrapping underneath your work area while working with the resin. You do not want to have it spill on your beautiful rug or carpet. It’s going to be difficult to remove that once it’s dried up. This practice also applies when working with the glue.

As much as you’d like your children to witness how you create your project, it’s best to keep them away until the project is done. When they’re older, they can definitely be present and help you out at the same time. It’s a fun way to spend quality time with each other!

Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design
Tiktok - Elise Hunter DIY = Design

Are you excited to create your DIY one-of-a-kind design now? Watch the video to see the final result!

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