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No pool? No problem. Here’s how you can make your own DIY, shipping container pool
I think I've found my new summer project.
Jenny Brown

It is almost summer and you still have the time left to prepare to beat the heat of the sun.

This time of the year gives everyone the chance to visit their favorite go-to place – the beach!

Pexels - Ylannite Koppens
Pexels - Ylannite Koppens

However, if you are the type of person who enjoys being within the premises of your home, then there’s a pool for you.

But for those who want to upgrade their lame-looking pool to something cozier, then this pool idea is just right for you.

It’s time to try these shipping container pools.

Yes, you read that heading just right! You might’ve heard and seen shipping containers turned into houses, well, this one is a bit different.

Turning one into a pool is also one way of giving them a new purpose apart from being just mere metal storage. Instead of just letting shipping containers rust away in a dumpsite, a US-based company decided to give them a little makeover.

The idea for these shipping container pools came from Modpools. According to its official website, it is “the original container pool of North America, with over 775 container pools built and shipped all across Canada and the USA.”

Night swimming? No problem!

Modpools’ shipping container pools come with color-changing LED lights so there’s no need to worry about dipping in even after the sunset.

It’s also built with a durable cartridge filter system, giving each customer peace of mind about the cleanliness and freshness of the pool’s water.

You can also take advantage of these shipping container pools even after summer because they also come with a heater.

Each pool is also designed with a Divider Wall, “The divider wall is a honeycomb structure, allowing water to pass through it while also acting as an insulator to retain heat on one side.”

And all these modern functions can be controlled wirelessly by using an application that can run on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Cost-effective and built to last.

These shipping container pools come in 12, 20, and 40-feet variations.

This is also the perfect product if you’re the type of person who moves a lot from one location to another.

A regular pool requires excavation, leveling, installation of tiles, and so on. Modpools, however, offers pools that are easy to install.

Having one will save you a lot!

Having it installed in your preferred location is quite simple because the container pool will be delivered to you with a ready-to-go mechanical room.

The company usually uses a 5’3 flatbed truck to deliver the pool to your address.

If you are a builder yourself, you might as well take the liberty of installing it yourself. Just remember to be ready with the following: landscaping preparation, crane or forklifting for offloading the pool, running electrical, and connecting the gas line.

If you are planning to have one, you may contact their company and give them an estimate so they can provide you with a free quote that already includes the shipping cost.

Don’t get left out this summer and spoil yourself day and night with this bright pool idea from Modpools.

Watch the video below for an overview of what a shipping container pool looks like!

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