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Don't throw away cardboard boxes. Here are 8 nifty ways to reuse them around the house
Keara Piekanski

Did you ever feel guilty about your carbon footprint the night before your recycling goes out to the curb? Sometimes on Wednesday evenings (aka recycling day eve), I just stare at the pile of broken down cereal boxes and Amazon packaging and think that there must be a better alternative to sending this cardboard to the trash pile. My solution? I’ve scoured the Internet (especially Pinterest) to bring you some clever upcycle uses for your discarded cardboard.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers


This neat tutorial shows you how to reuse cereal boxes, turning them into drawer organizers. This is an especially cool idea to organize a desk drawer or crafting space! Click here for a full tutorial from IHeart Organizing.

From Diaper Box to Stylish Storage


For all my DIY lovers out there with little ones, this is such a practical and beautiful use of empty diaper boxes. These will help you organize your house, upcycle some boxes and save money. The finished product looks stylish and chic! Click here for a full tutorial.

Boxes into Baskets


These are so cute, functional and inexpensive! To spruce up a bathroom shelf, you’ll only need a few supplies, including a cardboard box. This design looks easy to make and shouldn’t take long, either (an added bonus!). Check out the how-to from Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Shoebox Ribbon Storage


There are so many amazing uses for shoe boxes and I know I always have plenty of those lying around! This ribbon storage idea is a genius one for keeping your spools organized, neat and untangled. Check out the instructions from Delicate Construction here.

Marker Caddy


For all crafty people out there, this is a great way to keep your pens, pencils, and markers organized either in your crafting space, on your desk or for easy transport between your creative and storage spaces. All you need is a shoe box and some toilet paper rolls, so start saving them today (I know in my house, that doesn’t take long)! Click here to get started on making this 10-minute DIY project from Aunt Peaches.

Sequin Letter Garland


This is so fun! How awesome would it be to create one of these banners for every party? I’m thinking baby showers, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, you name it! This simple project requires some cardboard, sequins, a glue gun and a steady hand for cutting out letters. Visit A Beautiful Mess to find step-by-step instructions.

3-D Faux Metal Letters


This project is a little more complex, but the result looks totally professional! You’ll only need a few supplies to get started and your idea for which word to create. Taking some cardboard and turning it into 3-D faux metal letters is so much more cost-effective than purchasing metal letters at the local craft store. Check out Grillo Designs for a how to!

Decoupage Cardboard Trays


For a vintage look to inspire your décor, consider making these funky DIY decoupage cardboard trays. You basically need some cardboard, napkins and Mod Podge and you’ll be ready to create. You can make trays in various sizes to display knick knacks or hold jewelry. Watch this DIY video from Karen Kavett for step-by-step instructions.

Whether you are on an organization mission, ready for some home décor updating or simply feeling crafty, these awesome ideas are perfect for getting the creative juices flowing, upcycling cardboard boxes and reducing your carbon footprint!

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