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Powerful do-it-yourself weedkiller requires only 3 ingredients from your pantry
This simple weedkiller recipe will effectively eliminate pesky plants without destroying your garden or lawn.
Blake Hyatt

Simplicity’s not so simple sometimes. Things aren’t always so easy. Oftentimes, things are much more complex than they should be.

Even seemingly straightforward tasks can be tedious and unintuitive.

For example, ridding a lawn of pesky weeds has its challenges and inconveniences.

Unsplash/Keegan Houser
Unsplash/Keegan Houser

Do you own a garden or lawn?

If so, do you hate weeds? No, not that type of weed. I’m talking about common, unwanted plants that are practically impossible to remove forever.

Do you also hate persistent, environmentally-damaging chemicals?

Do you want to avoid this image?


Well, look no further.

Or at least no further than your own pantry.

Making an environmentally-friendlier weedkiller’s not all that hard, honestly.

DIY blogger Jill’s effective weedkiller recipe involves three simple household ingredients, including:

  • 1-gallon of vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of dish soap
  • 2 cups of Epsom or table salt

Just grab a container to mix the ingredients in, and you’re good to go! A gallon container and spray bottle are highly recommended.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Yup, that’s all you’ll need!

So how do we make this magical, responsible weed-killing formula?

First, pour some salt into your container. Next, add the vinegar and proceed to mix the ingredients together. It’s recommended to let the solution sit until the salt fully dissolves.

Then, add the dish soap to the solution. Shake strongly, ensuring that the ingredients are well-mixed.

Time to add your concoction to a spray bottle.


The formula’s ready to use! Just be careful to spray only that which you’d like to kill. So stick to spraying just the weeds and plants you want removed.

Any plant the spray targets will die off! It may take upwards of 24 hours to see the results.

We surely live in a chemical world – an untamed mixture of naturally-occurring and human-made compounds from across the realm.

Fortunately, our simple weedkiller formula allows us to avoid spraying such intense chemicals into the environment.

Say goodbye to those incredibly harmful herbicides!


Classic herbicides are known to contain a myriad of harmful chemicals, including persistent heavy metals, endocrine disrupters, and carcinogenic compounds. Some of these chemicals can persist in the body for a lifetime.

Monsanto’s Roundup and other carcinogenic, glyphosate-containing herbicides have come under extreme scrutiny in recent years. Many provinces and municipalities around the world have enacted major restrictions on the products, if not outright banning them.

Weeds, in general, get a bad rap. Although some can harm local fauna, some “weeds” at least offer unique lawn decoration. Some cited weed species actually provide their own ecological utility.

Herbicides are particularly popular in agriculture, effectively eliminating unwanted species and maintaining the integrity of the featured crop.

But at what cost?

Matter doesn’t just disappear. Those compounds end up dispersing into the environment. A lot of the spray deposits will make their way into water runoff, eventually ending up in large bodies of water and ultimately, the water cycle.


So if you need a cheap and effective way to remove weeds without risking the health and integrity of your garden or lawn, Jill’s formula might be the solution to your green groans.

If you’ve got a weed-plagued garden and you want to save both money and time, this is definitely for you!

So what do you think of Jill’s innovative, environmentally-friendlier weedkiller recipe?

If you must kill weeds chemically, definitely consider her methodology.

Three ingredients, a container, and a spray bottle – it’s really that easy. You can thank her later. Enjoy!

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