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She visits hairstylist and asks for an 'extreme makeover.' What do you think of the end result?
Emerald Clifford

2017 is here, which means new changes for the new year – and even a brand new hairstyle.

Although venturing into the unknown can be undoubtedly scary, 2017 should be a year of standing in the face change and smiling.

Below, New York City hairstylist Jerome Lordet, from the Pierre Michel Salon, transforms his beautiful client, Laura’s long locks into a short, spunky new hairstyle.

Lordet carefully and strategically snips through Laura’s luscious locks, giving her scalp a lighter load. And while taking this leap of faith can be intimidating, Laura pleasantly smiles throughout her entire transformation.


YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot


YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

After Lordet works his magic, Laura is left with an edgy, modern makeover, looking ready to take on 2017. As she runs her fingers through her freshly trimmed locks, Laura beams with joy. With her bright, white smile, Laura demonstrates that she loves her new look.

Laura serves as an example to all of us heading into the new year: she embraces change and is willing to take the risk, while smiling all the way through. Check out the video below to watch Laura’s extreme hair transformation.

Happy New Year to all our beauty lovers, and don’t be afraid to embrace change & start the new year with a bang!

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[Source: JeromeLordet]