Family of 3 move into a massive RV and have never looked back after the home they’ve created
The kitchen and living room are enormous!
Jaclyn Abergas

One of the best parts of living in these times is that you can actually live the life that you want to live, not according to what society tells you.

If you want to live big, then live big. If you want to live tiny, then live tiny.

And if you want to live in a traveling house, then do it.

YouTube - Tiny Home Tours
YouTube - Tiny Home Tours

Kay and her husband, Sly, had been living with more than $200k in debt.

According to Kay, they were “broker than broke.” And they were tired of living that kind of stressed-out life, where they’re living to work and pay off their debts.

Kay wanted to have real quality time with her family (they have a young son named Aiden). She wanted to have an emergency fund AND a retirement nest.

YouTube - Tiny Home Tours
YouTube - Tiny Home Tours

But how can they do that when they’re literally drowning in debt?

One day, Kay had the best idea.

“I woke up one day and told Hubs that we should sell our home and move into an RV. I started reading books and watching videos on financial literacy and RV Life every single day for hours at a time. It’s like I was in school full time and I was soaking it all in and even more, feeling so inspired,” Kay wrote on her Instagram post.

Sly didn’t feel the same.

“I was a little hesitant when she tried to talk me into it,” Sly admitted. “The fear of not knowing what’s next, not knowing what you’re going to do next, where you’re going to be next, jump into something you haven’t done before.”

But Kay told him it’s now or never. So they sold their home and bought their first RV a week later.

And do you know what?

In less than 2 years, they have paid off their $200+k of debt plus increased their net worth to $200+k at the same time!

Kay had already been blogging for a few years when they sold their home and now, with her patience, dedication, and commitment, her blog has been helping them earn a 6-figure income. Can you believe that?

In her blog, she talks about parenting, travel, and financial literacy, which so many parents and individuals want to learn more about.

And now, they’ve made it into their 5th Wheel RV, which is completely decked with everything they need.

They have a full-size kitchen with a two-door fridge, stove with oven, and an island. They’ve got a living room with a flat-screen TV, a two-seater couch and two reclining chairs.

Aiden has his own room with a storage closet, his own sofa, and a queen-size loft bed, where he can host sleepovers with his friends. Kay and Sly have a bigger room with a king-size bed, a full-size bathroom, a shower, a sink with a countertop, and a standard toilet.

And they’ve got so much storage outside their RV that they have space for an outdoor kitchen, for their sports equipment, and camping/picnic equipment.

YouTube - Tiny Home Tours
YouTube - Tiny Home Tours

It’s the perfect house!

YouTube - Tiny Home Tours
YouTube - Tiny Home Tours

And for anyone who wants to move to a smaller house, this is what they have to say.

“Just do it. Sometimes you can ask somebody about it and they’ll tell you their opinion but you’ll never know how it really is until you try it,” Kay shared. “If you don’t like, you can always go back to your home or go back to your old lifestyle. But number one thing is get out and try it, see if you like it or not.”

Are you ready to try it? Watch the video below to see how Kay, Sly, and Adrien live in an RV full-time.

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.