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15 Reasons To Never Throw Foods Scrap Away

October 1st, 2018

You may not realize it, but you’re throwing money away. Every time you toss out some food scraps, you’re missing out on an opportunity to stretch your dollars.

This is because common food scraps like coffee grounds or pickle juice can be used in a variety of ways.

Food scraps can help your plants grow, flavor up your dishes, or be the main ingredient in your next meal.


Here Are 15 Reasons To Never Throw Foods Scrap Away:

1) Recycle Your Tea Bags

There are actually lots of ways you can re-use tea bags. You can use them to make more tea by or as DIY deodorizers for your home and carpets, to keep your soil healthy, and they can even be used to make hand and foot scrubs. You can find lots of uses for them here.

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Morning Chores Source: Morning Chores

2) Shine And Tenderize With Banana Peels

Hold onto your banana peels to shine your shoes and tenderize your meat. Rub the inside of your peel on your shoe and rub off any excess to shine them up. Put a ripe banana peel at the bottom of your roasting pans. This will make your meat nice and moist.

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Yuppie Chef Source: Yuppie Chef

3) Old Wine

Did your opened wine bottle go stale? You can still cook with it. You can find recipes for leftover wine here.

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Real Simple Source: Real Simple

4) Pickle Juice

Don’t toss all that pickle juice when all the pickles are gone. You can use it to pickle other items like canned green beans, onions, or cucumbers. You can also use the pickle juice in cocktails. You can find recipes here.

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Huffington Post Source: Huffington Post

5) Tough Kale

When the edges of your kale start to toughen up you can still use it. Just dehydrate it and ground it into a health powder and use in smoothies and protein drinks. Learn how to do this here.

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ournest.lv Source: ournest.lv

6) Mushy Brown Bananas

Don’t toss those brown bananas. Their texture and sweetness are great for baking recipes. Turn them into some banana bread or use them in other recipes you can find here.

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Taste of Home Source: Taste of Home

7) Egg Shells

Don’t toss out your cracked eggshells when you’re making breakfast or baking. You can use them to unclog a drain, in your skin regimen, or in your garden. You can find lots of uses for eggshells here.

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The Costa Rican News Source: The Costa Rican News

8) Fruit Pits

Use fruit pits to make more fruit. Avocado pits can be turned into more avocados, the same with peaches, plums and lemon seeds and pits. Get details on this here.

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Edible Tropical Plants Source: Edible Tropical Plants

9) Overripe Pumpkins

Save the pumpkin guts when you are carving a jack-o-lantern and use it to make a puree. You can bake and eat the seeds too. Leftover pumpkin can be used in lots of recipes you can find here.

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Wipe Open Eats Source: Wipe Open Eats

10) Beet Greens

If you’re cooking with beets, hold onto their stems. You can make a salad or cook them in with pasta. Another option is to steam and season them.

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Wikipedia Commons Source: Wikipedia Commons

11) Coffee Grounds

There are lots of uses you can get out of your old coffee grounds. They can be used to give your soil a healthy boost and to stain or dye items. Learn how to reuse your coffee grounds here.

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Natural Living Ideas Source: Natural Living Ideas

12) Orange Peels

Orange peels are another food scrap that can come in handy around the house. You can use it to make a cleaning spray and to keep brown sugar from hardening. You can find a bunch of ideas here.

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Kid Spot Source: Kid Spot

13) Bread Ends

Most of us end up tossing out bread ends or giving them to the animals outside. Freeze them instead. They can be turned into croutons or breadcrumbs. You can find extra uses here.

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English Language & Usage Source: English Language & Usage

14) Potato Chips

If you’re making mashed potatoes, you’re going to need to boil some skinless potatoes. You can use them for skin care or turn them into chips. You can find reasons to never throw out potato peels here.

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Only My Health Source: Only My Health

15) Carrot Tops

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Flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture Source: Flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture

Most of us toss out the stems when we cook up carrots. They are used as an herb in recipes. Chop them finely and add to rice pilaf, pesto sauce, or salads for flavor.

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