You finally saved up for that big vacation, so you’ll surely want to look fabulous during your trip. The key here is getting everything you need packed neatly into your suitcase. That doesn’t mean you have to bring your entire closet with you.

The truth is that most of us tend to overpack. Not only does this lead us to bring unnecessary baggage with us (no one likes carrying heavy bags), but it can also cost you money. Airlines love hitting you with charges for extra bags or bags that are too heavy.

We’ve all read the luggage packing hacks on the internet only to find that they don’t actually work in real life. So, we scoured the internet to find out how the experts get the job done. Check out our slideshow to find how to get everything you need into your bag without having it come out like a wrinkled mess.

Here Are 25 Packing Fails And 30 Wins From Frequent Fliers / Flight Attendants That Will Get Everything You Need Neatly Into Your Suitcase: