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Make adorable gnome ornaments with yarn and cardboard
Her technique for making the hat is brilliant.
Gianella Argao

Christmas is around the corner. Hence, the time for hanging up those ornaments has arrived.

Why not make it even more special this year by creating your very own gnome ornaments?

A video posted on Youtube shows us a quick and easy way to create some.

It takes less than an hour.

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

What you’ll need:

  • paper towel or toilet paper rolls cut into one-inch portions
  • 50 to 60 worsted weight or light worsted weight 12-inch yarn pieces (solid colors highly preferred)
  • 12-inch twine
  • an embroidery needle
  • a wooden bead
  • a pair of scissors
  • a glue gun
  • cotton stuffing or polyfill

The roll will serve as the foundation for the gnome’s hat, the yarn will be the hair and beard, the twine will be used for the ornament hook, and the wooden bead will serve as the gnome’s nose.

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

Time to begin.

To create the hat, simply get a strand of yarn and fold it in half then loop the two ends on the paper roll and pull them through to tighten and secure the yarn in place.

Repeat the whole procedure until you fill the whole roll up.

This part is the most time-consuming, taking about 20 minutes to finish.

She suggests putting on a podcast or your favorite TV show as you do this.

It will surely be therapeutic.

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

Then, push all the strands all the way to the other side and fill the “hat” with cotton or any fillers you have at hand.

It should be about half full.

The next step is to tie the strands together with another strand of yarn.

Double-knot it for more security and voila—you now have a hat with a pom pom.

Next, trim the pom pom as you please.

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

She then threaded the embroidery needle with the twine into the cotton filling up until the center of the hat and sent it back through again—just until you leave enough space for a loop at the top.

She followed this up by tying a knot at the end to secure the twine in place.

Up next is the beard.

A worsted-weight yarn is needed to create the beard.

She placed a rubber band at the center to create a ribbon- or butterfly-like shape.

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

Next, she covered up the rubber band with another piece of yarn to keep the look consistent.

She then took one end and cut the yarn strands and did the same on the other side.

This resulted in a cute little layered beard.

Putting the beard and hat together

Youtube - Taffleberry Lane
Youtube - Taffleberry Lane

She got the glue gun, added some on top of the beard, and attached it to the hat.

She did the same with the wooden bead which served as the nose.

And there you have it—a quick and easy gnome ornament for Christmas.

See the full tutorial for these adorable gnome ornaments in the video below!

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