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Stop Buying Garlic - Here's The Best Way To Grow An Endless Supply Right At Home
I'm never buying garlic at the store again!
Emma Smizer

Garlic is arguably one of the world’s most versatile and healthiest foods.

While you can use garlic to add some serious flavor to any dish, garlic also has quite the long list of health benefits as well. That’s why we’re here to break down how you can benefit from these major remedies and how you can grow your own supply of this amazing super-food in your very own backyard!

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Up Your Nutritional Game

Like we mentioned, garlic has some potent medicinal properties, such as being packed with vitamins while also being very low in calories. Garlic is rich in manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and substantial amount of selenium, calcium, potassium, just to name a few – all while only having 42 calories per serving!

Strengthen Your Immune System

Garlic is also known to boost the immune system and can help combat sickness like the common cold. Research has also shown that incorporating garlic into your daily diet can reduce your risk of getting sick by up to 63%! This can be especially useful if you’re someone prone to getting colds.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Add cardiovascular health to this list while you’re at it. If ingested regularly, garlic can also help reduce your risk for heart disease and help your body process cholesterol more efficiently.

Also, garlic can be really beneficial if you’re someone who struggles with high blood pressure!


In additional to being a super-food, garlic is also super easy to grow.

All you need to do is follow these simply 5 steps:

  1. Break up the garlic bulb into cloves and bury them a couple inches deep in loose, damp soil.
  2. Make sure you keep the pointed side of the clove facing upwards.
  3. When your garlic sprouts, make sure to give them water when the topsoil feels dry but be sure to not overwater – garlic tends to not need too much water.
  4. Cut off any flowers that bloom to preserve the flavor of your garlic.
  5. Once your garlic plant has 5 or 6 leaves, it’s ready to be pulled up!

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