Guy demonstrates easy method to get inside of windshield squeaky clean with zero streaks
This works like a charm and is so easy!
Sasha Alonzo

The Often-Ignored Aspect of Car Ownership

When you get the keys to a brand-new car, the exhilaration is undeniable.

The shiny exterior, the new car smell, the advanced features – it’s all very exciting.

However, amidst this joy, there’s a crucial aspect many tend to overlook: maintenance.

While we’d all wish that car ownership was solely about enjoying smooth rides and safe driving, the reality delves deeper.

A significant part of being a diligent car owner is ensuring your vehicle remains in top-notch condition, and this doesn’t just mean engine checks and tire rotations; it includes keeping every nook and cranny of your car spotless.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

The Challenge of the Interior

The car’s exterior often gets all the attention.

After all, it’s what people see first.

But what about the interior, especially that pesky inside windshield?

It’s a challenge many dread.

But fear not!

The community of car enthusiasts, always generous with their tips and tricks, has some wisdom to share.

For the hands-on folks who take pride in personally caring for their vehicles, there’s a method that’s both simple and effective.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

Enter the Expert

Chris Notap, a renowned YouTube content creator, steps into the spotlight with a solution.

He offers a masterclass on cleaning the inside of the windshield, a task many find daunting due to its awkward angle.

But with Chris’s guidance, the right posture, and a touch of patience, it’s no longer an insurmountable challenge.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

The Magic Lies in the Tools

You might think you need professional-grade equipment or specialized skills.

But Chris debunks this myth.

The essentials are surprisingly basic: standard windshield cleaning materials.

The star of his tutorial?

A nifty mini squeegee, tailor-made for meticulous cleaning.

He’s even thoughtful enough to share purchase links in his video.

If that specific one eludes you, a silicone squeegee, reminiscent of the material of your kitchen’s baking ladles, with a sturdy, compact handle is a worthy alternative.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

Step-by-Step to Pristine Clean

Scratches are a car owner’s nightmare.

But with the right tool and technique, they’re entirely avoidable.

Chris’s method is refreshingly straightforward: a concoction of dish soap (he’s a staunch advocate for Dawn) and water, a soaked and wrung-out rag, and you’re set to start wiping the interior side of your windshield.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

Mastering the Squeegee Movement

Once the soapy solution graces your windshield, it’s squeegee time.

The motion is rhythmic: from one side to the other, ensuring every inch is covered.

A pro tip?

Always keep a dry rag within arm’s reach.

After each squeegee pass, give it a quick wipe.

This ensures no streaks are left behind, and if by chance there are, the squeegee is your trusty tool to eliminate them.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

Efficiency at Its Best

The best part?

This isn’t a time-consuming chore.

Chris boasts a sparkling clean windshield in a mere 3 minutes.

And he’s garnered support, with users chiming in with their success stories.

One user raved, “I use it on my golf cart windshield as well and it’s equally effective. I’ve even incorporated wet microfiber towels post-wipe for all the mirrors. A bowl of water with a few drops of Dawn truly works wonders!”

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

An Added Bonus

But Chris isn’t one to stop at just the basics.

He offers another golden nugget of advice, which another user eagerly shared: “With the mini silicone squeegee, you can even spruce up the window side car-view mirror. Just follow Chris’s ingenious method to clean your windshield.”

It’s clear that with Chris’s techniques, car cleaning perfection is within everyone’s grasp.

Chris Notap - YouTube
Chris Notap - YouTube

Spreading the Word

With such a straightforward and effective method at our disposal, it’s only right to share the wealth.

Cleaning the inside of a windshield doesn’t have to be a dreaded task, all thanks to Chris’s invaluable insights.

Watch his method in the video below.

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