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How To Straighten Your Hair Without Any Heat
Emerald Clifford

Heat application is one the central causes of hair damage and lack of hair growth on our luscious locks. Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, and chemical formulas, all take a huge toll on our hair, causing hair to become dry, brittle, and lifeless. With this constant cycle of damage done to our hair, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Is there a better way?!

Well, in fact, there is. Hair care experts have revealed their heat-free straightening techniques below, allowing us to achieve the straight and sleek look without compromising our gorgeous manes.


Step 1: Use the Right Hair Care Products

We all have different hair types and textures, meaning that we all have different hair care needs. It’s important to first examine your hair and determine the function you need the most. To begin, consider the appropriate shampoo for your hair type. There are plenty of options such as moisturizing, anti-frizz, or straightening shampoos. Once you are out of the shower, apply a serum or leave-in conditioner, again all dependent on your individual hair needs. The key is to always read labels and the purpose of the product.

Step 2: Use an Ultra-Absorbent towel

What many people don’t know, is that when our hair is wet, it’s actually the most vulnerable. When wet, the pores in our hair become swollen and stretched. Additionally, when we rub our wet hair in regular rough towels, the friction made is actually the main cause of frizz. On the other hand, ultra-absorbent towels are made of a softened fabric that cuts drying time, eliminates frizz, and give your hair the TLC it needs.

Step 3: Brush Hair Downwards

Starting from the bottom, brush damp hair downwards and squeeze lightly at the ends with your hands. This will not only release some of the moisture, but will also begin to fashion the straightened style. Remember to brush with a light hand, as wet hair is more vulnerable and susceptible to greater breakage. Using a flat brush, as opposed to a rounded brush, will also help to achieve the look.

Step 4: Use the Cold Setting on the Hair Dryer

If hair has still not reached your desired dryness, then you can use your hair dryer, but only on the cool setting. By using the hair dryer at the right distance and at a cooler temperature, you can cause less hair damage. The cooler temperature allows your hair to get the burst of air it needs, while also helping to set the style.

Step 5: Use Large Rollers

While it sounds a bit counterintuitive, using large, plastic rollers on hair can be effective in straightening your locks. Whereas foam and Velcro rollers can get tangled in hair, plastic rollers are easier to work with and help to achieve a silkier look. Additionally, the larger the rollers, the straighter your hair will turn out.

Womens Beauty Life
Womens Beauty Life

This heat-free, hair straightening technique is a great way to achieve the chic look we want, without having to risk the harmful heat damage.

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