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10 Genius Ways To Use Tension Rods In Your Home

October 24th, 2018

Looking for inexpensive ways to add storage and organization to your home? Tension rods might be the answer you were looking for.

Not only are they super inexpensive but they are perfect for creating hanging storage and organization where there weren’t any before.

Here Are 10 Genius Ways To Use Tension Rods In Your Home:

1) Baby/Pet Proof Cabinets

Don’t go out and buy expensive locks for all of your cabinets. Just run a tension rod between your drawer pulls. Secure one rubber end under the lip of your countertop and the other on your floor.

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2) Hang Your Window Plants

If your windowsill is too small or cluttered, consider hanging your plants. Just use a tension rod between your window sill. Use S hooks to hang from potted plants from it.

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3) Keep Cutting Board and Cookie Sheets Organized

Cookie sheets and cutting boards can make quite the mess in your cabinets. They call fall all over the place or be stuck under everything else and make a racket when you try to take them out. Place vertical tension rods inside your cabinet and lay them upright and in between the rods for easy access.

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4) Hang Spray Bottles

Hang a tension rod horizontally in the cabinet under your sink. Use it to hang your spray bottles. It will increase organization and save space in that area.

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5) Organize Tupperware Lids

Tupperware lids can also get pretty unruly in your drawers. Use a tension rod to create sections for them where they can stay upright. This will encourage you to put them in the same space so they stay nice and neat.

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6) DIY Pet Gate

Use three or more tension rods in a doorway to create a DIY pet gate. These work best on smaller dogs. Just make sure they are tight in the doorway and can’t be knocked down. You can also get away with using two and include a piece of fabric in between the two.

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7) Shoe Storage

Use tension rods in a closet or recessed space. Add a few rows of rods and hang your high heels off of them. This gives you instant shoe storage. You can also add two horizontal rods to hold flat shoes.

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8) Keep Your Shower Organized

Tension rods work like a dream in your shower. You can hang baskets from the rod with S hooks and organize items in the baskets. Or try hanging clips from them and clipping the tops of your squeezable shower items to them.

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9) Storage For Pots and Pans

Is your kitchen lacking in storage space? Create some with tension rods. Find a spot above the sink in between cabinets or elsewhere where you can install one. Use S hooks to hang your pots, pans, and kitchen utensils from them.

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10) Paper Towels

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This idea is super convenient if you don’t want paper towels to sit on your counter. Place a horizontal tension rod in your cabinet. Hang your paper towels from them for easy access.

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