Home shaped like a guitar just went up for sale & people can’t stop talking about it inside & out
I've never seen anything like it! Could you live here?
Marilyn Caylor

Remember that nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe? Well, it’s been revised and it now goes something like this:

“There was once a man named Elvis (not that one!) who lived in an old rock’n’roll guitar house…”

Thanks to Zillow Gone Wild we can confirm that this reboot is actually true!

When the popular Instagram account recently showcased Fayetteville, Georgia’s famous Guitar House, 40,000 people couldn’t get over the home’s unique “guitarchitecture.”

But the real question nobody thought to ask is, who the feck out there is THIS hardcore country?

Well, that honor goes to country music singer Elvis Carden – he’s the mastermind who imagined this generously curved homestead into existence.

He built it back in 1971 with his late father, Flavis Carden, for what probably cost the equivalent of a few bushels of Georgia peaches.

And now it’s time for the next generation to enjoy its acquired sweetness.

YouTube - CDX Nashville
YouTube - CDX Nashville

Thanks to 2022 maths, the house is on the market for the bargain-inflated price of $789K!

That totally checks out if we’re going strictly by dollar value conversions. According to the CPI Inflation Calulator, “$100,000 in 1971 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $731,632.10 today.”

But, anyone interested in owning the deed should be prepared to print some inflation-ready cash to fill up all the big, empty spaces.

The home, which was meant to serve as an inspiration to other musicians, sits on 1.5 acres of pristine land and comes with five bathrooms and four bedrooms.

More importantly, it has a deconstructed fireplace/kitty-corner art gallery in the basement!

“Who needs a kitchen when you have a fireplace like that? Wowzers.” – @MissJaneJetson

The sunroom is one of its most stunning features, but even that isn’t enough to save it from the ire of Twitter. People seem to think it’s coming up short on what should be standard Guitar House amenities.

“If it doesn’t have a ukulele guest house, I’m not interested.” – @tak_twitt

“Where are the strings?” – @Chuckbait

“789k is insane for this. There better be oil in the ground.” – @rightbrainofd

Then we have that one annoying nit, who points out something they think should be obvious to the rest of us.

Honestly though, if you’re fanboying yourself enough to sink your retirement into this place, then you probably WILL fly drones and admire it from above all day long!

Potential buyers might be interested to know that this house has a rich music history. Elvis loved this place so much that he recorded a sad country song, “Living in an Old Guitar,” just to make the mood even more somber.

Who knows, maybe one day this guitar-loving old goat will change his tune and sing a happy riff about a larger-than-life swimming pool from Tulsa.

P.S. According to Zillow, the home last sold in 2012 for $55K, so it’s not likely that Elvis is actually the current owner. Whoever does decide to pluck their wallet strings for this super-inflated 1300% markup has to really like…shapes.

Check out the guitar home for yourself on Google Maps or view the entire listing on Zillow.

Be sure to watch the video below to hear Elvis sing about “Living in an Old Guitar” home.

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