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Household Uses For Coca Cola
D.G. Sciortino

Coca-Cola isn’t just for drinking. Turns out the sugary carbonated beverage has a number of practical uses around your home. The high acidity level in cola can work as the perfect cleanser in your home.

So, the next time you run out of your household cleaner you may be in luck if you have some Coca-Cola in the house. Here are 13 household uses for cola:

Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Pour the soda around the inside of your toilet bowl and let it sit there for a while before flushing. This will make your bowl sparkle.

You Don't You Try This
You Don't You Try This

Grease Stains

Got pizza grease on your new blouse? You can pour a can of Coke into your washing machine with detergent and run it through a regular cycle to get grease stains out of clothing and fabric.

Blood Stains

Use this same method to get blood stains out of clothing and fabric.

Marker Stains Out of Your Carpet

Apply some cola to a carpet with a marker stain and scrub the area. Then, rinse it clean with some soapy water.

Remove Rust

Dip a sponge or tin foil in Coke to get rid of rust. This method also works to remove rusty bolts.


The Free Thought Project
The Free Thought Project

Petroleum Oil Stains

Pour cola all over petroleum oil stains on your garage floor and let it soak before hosing it off.

Car Battery Terminals

Make your car battery terminals look like new by pouring a little bit of Coke on them and using an old toothbrush to scrub away the grime. Rinse clean with water.

Get Gum Out of Hair

Dip your hair in some Coke and let it sit for a while before you attempt to pull the gum out of your hair. This will make it loads easier.

Remove Kettle Tarnish

You can pour some Coke on your copper kettle to remove tarnish and shine it up.



China Stains

Let your chinaware soak in Coke for a while to get rid of stains in vitreous china. The stains should come right off.

Tile Grout

Remove grime, mold, and other built up nastiness by pouring cola on tile grout and letting it soak before you wipe it.

Dirty Pool

Make your pool the cleanest on the block by pouring two 2-liter bottles of Coke into your waterless pool to get rid of rust and dirt.

Clean a Burned Pan

Stuff Happens
Stuff Happens

Let your burned pan soak in some Coke before you rinse it off and clean as you would normally.

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