How This Brass Touch Tool Helped Me Stay Calm In The Pandemic

July 30th, 2020

The last few months have been a real test for my anxiety.

While I hate being cooped up at home all day, leaving my home to run errands, buy groceries, exercise, or even just get a breath of fresh air has been difficult because of my personal fear of the virus and what effect it may have. I consider myself part of the “at-risk” crowd – I’m old and I have had a few minor health problems that could become much worse if I did get COVID-19.

No matter how vigilant and pious I’ve been about wearing a mask and social distancing, I get real anxious once I step outside. Touching a public door handle, pressing elevator buttons, typing my pin into an ATM machine, or even completing the self-checkout at the grocery store causes my cortisone levels to spike. While I always carry hand sanitizer with me, I still felt I could be safer.

Thankfully, I came across an ad on Facebook a few weeks back, and I felt relieved because it seemed like a genuine way to ease my nerves.

Meet the Scrubbd Brass Hygiene Touch Tool.

It’s made of 100% brass, and it acts as a barrier between me and the many public surfaces I touch whenever I’m outside. At first, I was skeptical if this tool would actually be useful, but slowly, it’s reached a point where I never leave my home without it. This multifunctional tool latches onto door handles to open them, presses the buttons on the keypad at the gas station, acts as a stylus for the touchscreen at the ATM, and even opens bottles, which is incredibly useful given how much alcohol I consume to ease the pain of 2020. It’s a much more sustainable solution than wearing disposable gloves every time you leave the home. I still sanitize it whenever I come home, but because it’s 100% brass, it practically sanitizes itself since germs and viruses die on brass within minutes.

Carrying this touch tool on my keychain has quelled my anxiety and uneasiness during this pandemic. Since getting mine, I’ve also ordered a few for friends and family. It makes a great “thinking of you” gift!

You can shop the Scrubbd Brass Hygiene Touch Tool here.