I Got The Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool And This Is What Happened

July 29th, 2020

I’m absolutely in love with the Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool! With the COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, avoiding germs and public surfaces is a must. Constantly buying disposable gloves gets expensive, and many stores run out or are out of stock. I work as an assistant, so I am constantly going out in public running errands. I was at the store the other day and I needed to use the touchscreen pen for my transaction. Immediately, my mind started thinking about all the various people touched the same pen. Were they as vigilant as I was in terms of staying hygienic and safe?

Here’s where the Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool came in handy. Ever since buying it, I’m able to use it to avoid coming into contact with many public surfaces, including a touchscreen.

I can avoid:

  • Touchscreens – using the flat end of the touch tool, I can use it as a stylus or pen and input numbers or sign my name on a touchscreen.
  • Doors – I can use the touch tool to grasp door handles and open/close doors.
  • Light switches – It has a straight edge so I can flip the switch up and down
  • Buttons – I no longer need to touch the button on the elevator to go to a floor or use my finger to input my zip code at the gas station

I love how it’s small and compact. It fits perfectly in my purse, and it attaches very easily to my car keyring, so I can pull it out whenever necessary and then put it back in my purse.

I also love how it’s made of 100% brass. I was skeptical of cross-contamination at first, but after learning about the natural properties of brass, I felt much more relieved. Unlike our skin and fingers, germs and viruses can’t last very long at all (just minutes!) on brass surfaces. So while we may touch a surface and put the tool back in our purse, any virus or germ has likely died prior to reaching our purse. This is just another preventative measure we can take, and if we do this in addition to washing our hands, then I believe we’re much safer off in general.

It’s not an expensive investment, and personally, I felt comfortable trading a takeout meal for a tool that could prevent me and my family members from contracting COVID-19. Knowing I’m doing what I can to keep myself and my family safe was the piece of mind I needed to stay sane in these crazy times!

You can buy your own Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool here.