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Here's Why Intelligent People Struggle To Find Love
Grayson Berman

Do you ever feel that you’re having a harder time finding love than your friends? Or that maybe relationships aren’t for you? Don’t worry, it might just be because you’re a genius.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that love is easier to find if you’re less intelligent, or that love is easy to find at all. It’s not something that’s right around the corner at every turn. But studies show that the more brilliant you are, the harder it may be for you to find it. How is this possible? Here’s some signs that you’re just too smart for love.

1. You over-analyze situations

You won’t jump straight into a relationship. You sit back and first analyze every possible scenario, both good and bad. And lets be honest, there’s a lot of ways for a relationship to go sour. You recognize that statistically, if there’s more ways for a relationship to go wrong than right, it’s might not worth it in the first place.

2. You see the signs

Intuitive people will set red flags for themselves, and steer clear. You can see even the smallest sign in your relationship that could spell a disaster in the near future, and you decide that it just isn’t worth your time and leave.

3. You rely on experience

You look at the whole picture, and therefore you draw from relevant past experiences. You may have a relationship from your past that ended on not so friendly terms, and consequently you’re likely to associate those feelings and experiences with this new relationship and the decisions you make.

4. You’re more guarded

Opening up can be difficult to people with a scientific mind. If opening up to someone has hurt them recently, they put up walls and keep them there. And every time someone breaks down those walls, you just build them up stronger next time, making it more difficult for someone to hurt you, but also for you to find someone trustworthy.

5. You want to be single

Logically, it makes more sense to be alone than with someone who makes you more miserable than happy. Deep down you realize this and think that it’s not worth wasting your time with someone who might not be your soulmate. It’s just sensible.

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