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Simple lunch bag hack keeps wasps away all summer
This is definitely the cheapest solution to the problem. Probably the friendliest too.
Dani Halteman

Summer is just around the corner, and that means beach days, hanging out by the pool, and simply being outside enjoying the sun.

Unfortunately, Summer also brings out wasps.

While everything has its place in life, wasps sting like a son-of-a-gun snd do they generally aren’t invited to the party. Sadly, they disagree.

Here’s a tip to keep wasps and carpenter bees away this summer!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

You just need 2 things: a brown paper bag and plastic bags.

Take as many grocery bags as you need to stuff the paper bag until it’s full and “puffy” looking.

Once your paper bag is full, knot the top off and tie the bag up somewhere high.

They’ll avoid this decoy as it mimics the nest of their enemy.

Wondering why this cheap and super easy hack works?

The paper bag resembles a hornet’s nest, which wasps and carpenter bees know to stay away from. Unless they want their heads bit off, that is.

With this easy hack not only do you keep the wasps away, but it’s also a nontoxic option as well.

One that keeps everyone safe, humans, animals, and insects alike.

Making sure to avoid harm is extremely important, as wasps are incredibly beneficial to humans.

According to National Geographic,

“Nearly every pest insect on Earth is preyed upon by a wasp species, either for food or as a host for its parasitic larvae. Wasps are so adept at controlling pest populations that the agriculture industry now regularly deploys them to protect crops.”

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels
Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

They may be pests, but it’s in our best interest to protect them.

This means taking precautions, like this easy hack, and educating ourselves on the common misconceptions and the true impact wasps have on the world around us.

One common misconception is that wasps are “intentionally” trying to sting us. Good House Keeping writes that it is quite the opposite, as they are actually trying to avoid us.

They’re only interested in our food and drinks, the mooches. However, when we fling our arms about it agitates and alarms them, which can lead to a possible sting.

Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels
Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels

This hack works at home, but here’s some tips to use on the go.

Country Living recommends 5 things:

  1. Know that wasps aren’t just attracted to sugary foods and drinks. They’re also drawn to meat.
  2. Keep food and drinks covered. Use lids, caps, even paper towels or cloth to protect it from wasps.
  3. Avoid using DIY wasp traps since these DIY traps often lure the wasps in.
  4. If a wasp approaches, keep calm and let it move on.
  5. Wasps communicate with their colony when they find a good food source. So if you see one, there are others.

“The best thing you can do is isolate the first wasp you see. This is the scout and it’s likely to recruit other wasps. Trap it under a cup or a glass and leave it there. Then, after you’ve finished eating, release the wasp.”

Photo by Shubham Mishra from Pexels
Photo by Shubham Mishra from Pexels

With this knowledge, you can keep everyone safe around you.

Photo by David Hablützel from Pexels
Photo by David Hablützel from Pexels

Keeping each other safe and the world beautiful for all is up to each of us!

Check out below how well it works when this man tried it at his home!

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Featured image credit: Bob Thomas/Philip Cohen