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15 Ways to Use a Magic Eraser

February 16th, 2018

If you’ve ever used a Magic Eraser you’ll know that it is indeed magical. With just one swish of the Magic Eraser, you can get rid of stubborn stains just about anywhere in your home.

People have come up with all sorts of ways to use Magic Erasers since they were invented.

You’ll be shocked at how many things those white erase can do. Just make sure you test your Magic Eraser on an inconspicuous area of your surface if you aren’t sure how the Magic Eraser will affect your surface.

Here’ are 15 things you can do with your Magic Eraser:

1) Permanent Marker

Permanent marker doesn’t need to be permanent. Use a magic eraser to remove the marking. You can also have people write their names on their glass and just wipe it away when the party is over. This even works for marking Tupperware. Magic Erasers can also remove crayon and other kinds of markers.

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Mr. Clean Source: Mr. Clean

2) Scuff Marks

Did someone wear shoes in your house that left scuff marks everywhere? You can use a Magic Eraser to easily remove the marks without having to scrub too much.

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Household Tips Guide Source: Household Tips Guide

3) Spot Clean a Carpet

Some say it’s possible to remove carpet stains with a Magic Eraser. You’ll definitely want to spot test before you try this one out.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

4) Coffee and Tea Stains

If your countertop or favorite mug has a coffee or tea stain, you can use a Magic Eraser to remove it.

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magicerasersponges.com Source: magicerasersponges.com

5) Clean Concrete

Magic Erasers can even clean concrete surfaces, so you can say goodbye bird to bird poop stains, algae, mold, moss, and other surface stains.

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Make It or Fix It Yourself Source: Make It or Fix It Yourself

6) Shoes

If the white parts of your shoes look a little dirty, you can use a Magic Eraser to brighten them up.

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Ozark Mountain Rustic Source: Ozark Mountain Rustic

7) Pen Ink Stains

If you have pen ink stains on your skin or other surfaces, you can just rub it off with a Magic Eraser

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

8) Dried Paint

If you got a little sloppy with your paint job, you can use a Magic Erase to remove paint from floors, walls, windows, and door hinges.

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Bob Vila Source: Bob Vila

9) The Perfect Grout Job

Use a Magic Eraser to remove grout after its dried. This will help you to create the perfect grout job. You can also use it to clean your grout and make it look white again.

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Humorous Homemaking Source: Humorous Homemaking

10) Soap Scum

If you have some stubborn soap scum stains you can use a Magic Eraser and a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of it.

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Mr. Clean Source: Mr. Clean

11) Microfiber Couches

Rub out a stain on your microfiber furniture with a Magic Eraser. Just make sure you do a spot test first.

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551 East Source: 551 East

12) Dry Erase Board

Even if you wipe your dry erase board down often, it can still leave marker streaks and cloud up your board. Use a Magic Eraser to make it look brand new again.

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Thrifty Fun Source: Thrifty Fun

13) Dried Bugs

Sometimes spray and a paper towel doesn’t get the job done. A Magic Eraser will quickly wipe away dead dried up bugs from your windows, windshields, and bumpers.

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It Still Runs Source: It Still Runs

14) Rust

Magic Erasers are also said to remove rust from items, as well as rust stains.

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Hometalk Source: Hometalk

15) Hair Color

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Bathroom City Source: Bathroom City

Did your hair color stain your sink, bathroom floor, or on your ears? Use a Magic Eraser to get rid of it.

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