Man restores ‘UFO’ house designed in 1968 and it’s like taking a futuristic tour of the past
I can't decide if touring this house is more like stepping back into the past or taking a step into the future. Either way, though, it's a marvel to behold.
Elijah Chan

Ever thought of living in a UFO?

Architecture is one of the most bewildering forms of art as it merges expressive vision and utility.

In New Zealand, a resort turns heads, especially at night, because it jumps on you straight out of a science fiction movie.

So if you’re curious about what it’s like to live in a house that’s quite literally out of this world, maybe you should consider booking on Airbnb.

The Area 51 Futuro House is run by Nick.

Unlike your usual AirBnB offering, this property is offering something you’d only see on TV.

Sitting in the middle of the resort is a flying saucer – the place where guests spend their nights.

The saucer is nestled on a metal brace with legs. The door also adds to the character as it folds down into a stair of an airplane hatch.

The structure also has circular windows all around the sides of the saucer for a 360-degree view.

The house is called a Futuro house.

The style’s name does exactly what it says – to be the house of the future. It was the realization of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.

Suuronen envisioned a house that was portable, easy to construct, and suitable in any terrain. He developed the Futuro house as ski cabins.

The structure can be built in a day.

And it can be heated in around 30 minutes. However, the design was deemed too “unnatural” by the public and the project.

In the end, of the almost 100 Futuro houses built, only around 60 survived.

This became one of Nick’s motivations

He wanted to acquire a Futuro and rent it so that other people can experience living in this iconic relic.

Nick worked with other professionals to bring the house back to life.

The structure sits in the yard with a wooden deck leading in and out from the main door. The deck then extends to the pool and an outdoor dining area.

The resort also has a hot tub for guests to chill and a sauna for colder days. The property also has an outdoor shower.

It’s jaw-dropping in and out.

To enter, Nick made the entrance hatch automatic. It opens with just a press of a button further emulating its spaceship persona.

Don’t let the surface fool you because once you step inside, it’s like moving into a different dimension.

The small foyer area leads to three main rooms – the bathroom, kids’ room, and the main living space combined with the master’s bed.

The place is also adorned with restored appliances like sphere TVs, refrigerator, and flip card clocks.

You can also invite friends and family in as the house has a long sofa that wraps against the side of the house.

Nick truly takes guests into the past.

Together with the 60s aesthetic, the place bursts with creativity and passion. The amount of resources and dedication to the project truly paid off.

Right now, Nick is looking forward to creating a similar or same project. He took us into a spaceship before so we’re excited about what he will come up with next.

Watch how a flying saucer home reimagines the way we live in the video below!

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.