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Man spends 16 years creating his beautiful garden oasis, becomes a highly-popular tourist attraction
Jacqueline Murray

They say you are never too old to realize your dreams.

Just ask Robert Burns of Argyll, Scotland.

Robert Burns and his late wife, Lizzie, moved into their now celebrity-status-cottage in 2000. A way of enhancing the aesthetics of the home Robert and Lizzie sort to transform their jungle, into a beautiful British garden. On his pledge, Robert continued to work on the masterpiece after Lizzie’s passing.

A decade later, the 75-year-old great-grandfather’s garden is now the host of bus loads of tourists. Often blocking the traffic in this quiet neighborhood, tourists travel from far and wide to see Robert’s creation.

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“At first, I was quite excited but I’m used to it now”, Robert told the Daily Mail. “Even at night, I see cameras flashing and wonder, ‘How can they take photos when it’s dark?”

Situated in close proximity to Loch Lomond, you would expect the transient tourist buses to cause havoc amongst the neighbors. However, this is not the case. Locals enjoy the notoriety of the house so much that they include it on souvenirs sold in their local stores. And that is not all! One neighbor developed such admiration for the house that they entered the property in a local housing competition. You will not be surprised to hear that Robert won.

Despite his fame, Robert is humble in his opinion.”I don’t do it to be better than anybody. Other people get pleasure out of it,” He mentioned to the Daily Mail. “I do it because I enjoy it.”

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Further commenting about his expertise, Robert suggests that he could not give tips, even if he wanted to. “Sometimes it takes me ages to remember the names of the plants I’ve put in.”

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