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'Relax Shack' Tiny Home Tour

September 25th, 2017

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or extravagance by living in a tiny home. You can have all those things packed into your own mini-mansion. The folks at Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders create tiny luxurious homes in Missouri.

This one, however, is something exceptional. Introducing the “Relax Shack Red.”

The tiny home has everything you need for cozy living. The Relax Shack Red is 273-square-foot one bathroom, 2-loft-style bedrooms, with a large kitchen and living space.

It has electrical and water hookups, and AC/heating unit and can be pulled by a trailer.

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It has maintenance-free blue vinyl siding, a corrugated metal bottom, and bright red door. The house has several double hung windows to let in lots of natural light.

The Relax Shack Red is decorated in beautiful whites and yellows to brighten up the home.

Its high ceiling makes the space look larger. Upon entering the home, there is a pipe railing staircase that leads to the master loft bedroom.

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There’s enough space up there for a king-sized mattress, but a queen or full would allow for a nightstand.

On the opposite side of the trailer is a second loft bedroom space that can be accessed by a folding ladder that can be stored in the spacious closet.

There is a daybed/sofa which has a hidden storage area and is adjacent to a swiveling 32 inch mounted flat screen TV. There is a little nook for an electric fireplace that gives off heat as well as a built-in bookcase.

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The kitchen has full-sized cabinets, tons of counter space, a 7.3 cubic foot refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, washer/dryer combo, and short shelf space. A 20-gallon hot water heater is hidden by a cabinet.

The bathroom includes a composting toilet, sink, vanity mirror, and 36-inch shower.

“It’s very nice and roomy,” says Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders’ co-owner Emily Mitchell.

The house is also outfitted with a ceiling fan that cools the entire unit and lots of electrical outlets.

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“This beautiful tiny house will go fast!” Mitchell writes on ” Originally priced at $41,999. Construction cost came under budget, we are passing the savings on to you! Save over $2,000!”

You can check out the home’s listing here and visit Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders’ website here.

You can take a tour of the Relax Shack Red with Mitchell in the video below.

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