Mom and her two girls give a tour of their beautiful tiny home

June 3rd, 2021

Katie and her daughters, Rain and Willow, share a tiny home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Despite being modest in size, there’s a lot of room to live. They even share the space with a collie!

This family isn’t skipping out on anything life has to offer, and that’s the important thing.

They have been in the tiny home for four years now, so they’ve had a chance to adjust to the space and really find out if it would work for them.

They have proven that tiny home living really is possible!

A reason to go tiny

Katie believes that living in a smaller space helps her to be more focused on the important things – the people in her life, interests, pets, and her two children. As a family, they can all focus on what matters to them instead of managing a big house.

An electric piano, plenty of art supplies, and lots of pictures of the family and special moments have found their prized places in the home, highlighting that life is all about living.

This is a space that is full of life.

Taking that leap

Before the tiny house, they were living in a home that was nearly 5,000 square feet. That’s quite a difference in size!

They started with a brand new 8 x 20-foot trailer with a metal roof as the shell for their tiny house. That first step was all about practicality.

The metal roof helps to let the snow slide right off, which is important in cold and snowy Idaho. Metal skirting also helps with the insulation. Katie understood that she needed to keep cold weather in mind when planning out this tiny home.

No one feels cold here!

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YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey Source: YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey

Creating a tiny landscape

Directly surrounding the home, the outdoor area has lots of herbs and flowers. The lawn is kept neatly mowed, so they have plenty of space to run around outdoors.

In the warmer months, they use the outdoor space as a living area with a fire and chairs. There are also plenty of opportunities to hike and kayak in the surrounding area.

One of the last things to note before going indoors is the propane tank. It’s what provides very efficient heating for the interior space.

Entering the space

The interior is paneled with natural wood. There are plenty of hanging plants to give it a nice organic look.

They have a table that folds up and away to provide them with somewhere to eat and work as well as offering them more space when they just want to dance around.

Exploring further

Mom’s loft offers a little oasis with a bed, a few planters, a shelf, and some pictures. The windows give her a nice view of the open space around the house.

Back on the ground floor, there is also a ladder-bookshelf combo. There are plenty of books in the space. They have an entire (not so tiny) library covering the shelves.

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YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey Source: YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey

The ladder brings you to the girls’ loft with their pictures, dolls, and plenty of pillows to bring their own personal styles into the space. The windows let light in and give them an opportunity to see the outdoors and keep the loft from feeling cramped.

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YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey Source: YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey

Everything they could need

In the kitchen, they have a full kitchen sink. Above the sink is a nice picture window with a view of the mountains.

A kitchen is important with a family, so this isn’t a space to cut corners on. They know what’s important.

There’s also a full stovetop, an oven, a fridge, more shelving, and plenty of storage. It really feels and looks like a full-sized home, despite the miniature size.

And, yes, to answer the question everyone has on their mind, the bathroom has everything as well. They don’t have to leave home or walk through the snow for anything. The bathroom comes with a fully functioning toilet, more shelving, and a small shower with hot water for complete convenience.

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Source: YouTube – Tiny House Giant Journey, Instagram – Rancher4eva