This mysterious mountainside hut is known as the ‘loneliest house’ in the world
It requires a ski-lift ride and then a five-hour hike just to get there.
D.G. Sciortino

Some people say they just wish they could build a secluded little cabin far away from the outside world.

The Buffa di Perrero is that cabin – but to the max.

Buffa di Perreo, also known as “the world’s loneliest house,” is built into the rock face on Monte Cristall 9,000 ft. above sea level in the Dolomite Mountains.

Thinking about how the house was built will just hurt your brain. The dilapidated hut, which overlooks a sharp drop, is accessible through a very dangerous mountain trail or rope ladder.

The Via Ferrata, also known as the Iron Path, is outfitted with steel ladders and cables to help navigate the especially dangerous parts of the trail.

It is said that it would take a “high level of fitness” to even make the long trek.

The mountain shelter is believed to have been built more than 100 years ago by Italian soldiers during WWI.

They used the hut as a resting space, to store items, and gain a strategic foothold over approaching enemy forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Buffa di Perrero was once filled with some white wooden chairs put there by soldiers or hikers. Some of the trails in the Dolomites can take about a week to walk through.

The hut was abandoned over the years and left to the elements causing the roof to eventually cave in.

While it is currently unsafe for hikers to stop and rest, Buffa di Perrero still offers stunning views of the Dolomite Mountains.

Still, you’ll find social media photos of brave individuals who stop to pose for a pic at the famous location.

Buffa di Perrero is what is known as a “bivouacs.” Several bivouacs were built on the Italian Front during WWI.

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The heavy artillery fire in the area would trigger avalanches.

One of these avalanches was dubbed “White Friday” at Mount Marmolada in December 1916 which killed 270 Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

PatrynWorldLatestNew - YouTube
PatrynWorldLatestNew - YouTube

The Auronzo section of Club Alpino Italiano, which acts as a steward of area hiking trails, built a similar hut in the Forcella Marmarole mountain range.

That structure was helicoptered in and was positioned to appear as if it is falling down the mountain pass.

It requires a ski-lift ride and then a five-hour hike just to get there and can fit up to 12 people.

PatrynWorldLatestNew - YouTube
PatrynWorldLatestNew - YouTube

Buffa di Perrero has spurred wonder in countless individuals and has been featured in many publications.

“It should be restored before it crumbles. Very unique house. Turn it into a museum or an Airbnb. LOL, just kidding,” said one YouTube commenter.

“I was interested in buying it but it doesn’t appear to have a swimming pool,” said another.

While there doesn’t seem to be any renovations scheduled at this time, Buffa di Perrero seems that it will remain as it is, for the time being, still offering a mind-boggling focal point in the Dolomite mountains.

Learn more about Buffa di Perrero in the video below.

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By D.G. Sciortino
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