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14 Nifty Ways To Reuse Empty Baby Wipe Containers
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Jenny Brown

As a parent, baby wipes are practically a necessity. They are great for cleaning and especially useful for sanitization. Often times, it feels like I go through so many boxes a week!

But rather than toss these handy-dandy containers, transform them into something useful.


Card Game Storage

Never lose board game pieces and playing cards again! An empty container is the perfect place to store small pieces and cards whenever you are playing them.


Then, print out the labels for the respective games and tape them onto the front of the box.


Crayon Storage

Drawing supplies and other arts & crafts materials can be misplaced around your home. This solution will fix that.

First, use a foam brush and Mod Podge to thoroughly coat the outside of the box. Then, place a black fabric over the glue. Find all the directions here.


Once the glue dries, you can get creative with how you label each box.


Makeshift Lunch Box

A baby wipe container might look it, but it’s actually pretty large. It’s a great makeshift lunch box for your toddlers and kids.


Snack Box

Or, you can use it as a snack box for long road trips.


Yarn Storage

Place a ball of yarn inside an empty wipe box and weave an end of the yarn through the opening. This is a great way to control yarn!


Lego Box

This takes a bit more work, but it can be a fun project to work on. Create a little Lego storage container that your kids can build on.

First, you will need the following:

  • empty baby wipe container
  • Lego board
  • Exacto/utility knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Metal ruler/cutting edge

Find the full details for the tutorial here.

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First Aid Kit

First aid kits are super important, and you never know when they can come in handy. My motto has always been, “better safe than sorry.”

Empty out a baby wipe box and lay out all the times you would like to store inside it. Check out this post by Andrea Dekker for more emergency box information.


Because a box is rather large, everything should fit inside. It’s all about how you pack it.


Make Spelling Fun With Alphabet Monster

Using bottle caps, glue a piece of round paper on top of each cap. Then write the letters of the alphabet on each bottle cap.


This will create a fun game that can help your kids learn how to spell. For more instructions, click here.


Drawer Organizer

Drawers are meant to store clothing and accessories, but it’s easy for drawers to get messy. Organize them better with empty containers. Now you can partition where to put your socks, undergarments, and pajamas!


Store Batteries In One Place

An empty wipe box is a great place to store new batteries. Now, they won’t be rolling around everywhere!


Create Your Own Wipes

When you run out of store-bought wipes, create your own.

Using an empty box, put a roll of toilet paper inside. Click here for more details.


Run the newly made baby wipe through the opening and use them just like a new set of baby wipes.


Personal Seed Starter

Try growing seeds in an empty, repurposed baby wipe container.

Place large rocks and stones at the bottom of the container, and pour a thick layer of soil on top.


Push in your seeds, and be sure to give them ample amounts of sunlight and water. Pretty soon, you’ll have your own herb garden in your kitchen.

See how this worked for one Mom by clicking here.


Or you can try this fun craft instead:

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