Make a dreamy nighttime garden with flowers that bloom at night

April 21st, 2021

Anybody can plant a garden, but who can say that their garden blooms mainly at night? Planting a garden full of flowers that are late-night bloomers can give your garden a unique twist. Plus, it allows you to enjoy your garden in the cooler, evening hours.

Fortunately, you have a wide variety of night-blooming flowers to choose from.


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A perennial, the moonflower grows on vines and feature trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers, also called morning glories, are usually a bright white and start to bloom as the sun starts to go down, or even on cloudy days. Staying open all night, the flowers produce a sweet fragrance before closing up again in the morning.

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night Flower Blooming Timelapse

This year our 2 Queen of the night plants bloomed a combined number of 15 flowers! These beautiful flowers only bloom at night and in the morning they are no longer open. That is the nature of these plants and you have to capture them whenever they bloom. Here are some time lapse video, along with photos for you to enjoy!

Posted by Teodora George on Saturday, August 1, 2020

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A cactus flower, the Queen of the Night flowers between dusk and dawn, making it a true night owl. Shaped like a waterlily, the flower is also known as the Orchid Cactus. With large, fragrant flowers, the Queen of the Night is perfect in hanging pots as its flowers are located on long, drooping branches.

Casa Blanca lily

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Reddit – Grow-Health-TV Source: Reddit – Grow-Health-TV

Beautiful to look at like most lilies, the Casa Blanca lily has the distinction of only blooming at night. The bright white flowers perfectly reflect the moonlight, making these fragrant flowers a perfect addition to a nighttime garden. Keep in mind, especially if you have pets, that the Casa Blanca lily is extremely toxic.

Evening primrose

Touted for its many medicinal benefits, the evening primrose is a biennial, meaning it only grows for two seasons before dying. With its flowers opening mainly during the evening hours, evening primrose features bright yellow, cup-shaped flowers, and can transform any garden space into a place of beauty.

Night phlox

Great when mixed in with other night-blooming flowers, night phlox is also known as Midnight Candy due to its fragrance. Blooming in a variety of shades of white, purple, or maroon, night phlox flowers are phlox-like in their shape, which gives the flower its name.

Night gladiolus

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Reddit – vaclavkovalcik Source: Reddit – vaclavkovalcik

Also referred to as Gladiolus Tristis, the night gladiolus has a spicy fragrance that is known for attracting butterflies. Growing up four feet in height, the plant features creamy-yellow flowers. Despite it being a night-blooming flower, the night gladiolus does require ample sunlight during the daytime hours,

Cestrum nocturnum

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Blooming at night, Cestrum nocturnum, also known as night-blooming jasmine, has a distinctive scent, and is considered one of the strongest scented plants in the world. Sub-tropical in nature, Cestrum nocturnum also does well in temperate climates with temperatures that do not fall below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Four o’clocks

This night-blooming flower is known as four o’clocks due to the flower opening in the late afternoon and evening. Coming in a range of colors, this beautiful flower also has a sweet fragrance. With tubular-shaped blooms, four o’clocks feature different colored flowers, even on the same stem.

For more, check out this is a video with more night-blooming flowers for your nighttime garden.

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