Woman converts old stick-built tool shed into an artistic “micro” tiny house
It took nearly a decade of planning and one major life change for Jessica's vision of a "bohemian sanctuary" to become a reality. Now that it's here, it's beautiful.
Jaclyn Abergas

Jess had been planning to build a tiny house for eight years before it really happened.

“I was going to do a shed tiny house conversion. Things happened in life… that didn’t work out,” Jess shared.

But Jessica didn’t give up.

“I originally wanted to build a house on my property, but that didn’t work out… I ended up building a tiny house on the water, a floating tiny house. And that led me into this micro tiny house, that way I could bring it around and travel with it.”

It finally worked out when her daughter moved out of their two-story, 1800-sq. ft. house, which became too much space for one person.

“There’s only so much space you can use in a house,” Jess explained. “Coming here [to this 70 sq. ft. home], I have everything I need.”

Probably the most important part of her house is not the house.

It was her outdoor space.

This was the most important for Jess because she loves being outside.

Right outside her tiny shed-home, Jess built a fire pit surrounded by different lawn chairs and log chairs. Perfect for company.

She even has an adjustable grill.

Jess also created a hammock area, perfect for those lazy days when you just want to read a light book, let the sun bathe you, or enjoy the golden hour.

“I love to come out here in the evening and enjoy the sunset,” Jess added.

She also has a “secret garden”.

It sits tucked away along the side of her house. It’s a small garden but packed with so much produce.

She’s growing corn, green beans, spinach, onion, sage, basil, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, and even some watermelon.

She built a stone pathway in the middle that leads to a comfy chair, where she can enjoy her morning coffee or tea.

Even though she loves outdoor living, she still needed to build a home that’s very inviting.

So she created this rustic, comfy, and friendly tiny home.

“When I purchased the house, it wasn’t really a tiny house, it was more of a tool shed and it didn’t have anything else in here except for this [shelf] and all the tools on it,” Jess recalled. “I cut it down to size and I reconfigured it to fit into this space and turned it into my kitchen counter.”

The interior is pretty straightforward.

She has a living room/bedroom on one side, the kitchen in the middle, and the toilet/closet on the other side.

Her shower with a heater is located outside, where she has more room to move around.

On both sides of her living room/bedroom, she had glass windows installed so she can check out the beautiful views outside even when she was inside.

Disconnecting to reconnect.

Solar power, a portable battery pack, and a gas generator power the house. Other than that though, the tiny shed-home is completely off-grid.

After completing the construction of her tiny shed-home, she has listed it on Airbnb so more people can experience off-grid living without the commitment.

See how Jess’s vision finally panned out in the video below!

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.