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Creative Ways To Use Paint Stir Sticks
She uses paint sticks in a way you wouldn't expect!
Jenny Brown

Paint stir sticks were originally intended to be a tool to help people mix paint in buckets. While this is still true today, some of the more creative DIY-ers have used paint sticks for all sorts of fun, creative projects and crafts.


Flower Basket

Stain a few paint stir sticks with a wood stain. Then staple them together to create a basket that is perfect for holding bright, beautiful flowers. This would look amazing as a centerpiece!


Organize Jewelry

Nail paint stir sticks to a wall, and then screw in a few little hooks. Now, you can hang up your collection of jewelry, keys, and bracelets. This will help declutter your desk!


Creative Mirror Decorations

Create a sunburst-themed mirror by arranging paint sticks in a pattern around a mirror. Be sure to paint the sticks to match the color of the room.


Garden Labels

Stick paint sticks into a pot to help indicate and label your garden.


Slat Sign Greeting

Staple a few paint stir sticks together to create a nice wooden sign that you can then decorate yourself. This is great for quotes or as a welcome sign for guests!


Gift Tags

Use a paint stir stick as a gift tag. Your friends will thank you for going above and beyond, and they will never forget which gift is yours!


Accent Letters

Use paint stir sticks to create giant letters that would complement your interior or exterior design.


Mini Pallets

Miniature pallets are trending these days, and you can create one of your own using just paint sticks. This is perfect to wall mount plants!


Decorative Wooden Arrows

Paint sticks can be easily shaped into arrows that can be great interior decorations for the living room.


Themed Flag

Create a themed flag for the house out of paint sticks.


Mini Signs

Motivate your family with positive messages and phrases.


House Number

Create a custom house number that will make your house stand out!


Cute Picture Frame

Paint sticks are perfect as a picture frame. You can highlight your favorite photo of your kids or family in a special way.


Lamp Shade

Create a unique pendant lamp using paint sticks, glue, and an old lampshade.


Table Runner

Create a gorgeous table runner for the dining room by applying wood stain to the paint sticks. Then glue two strips of colorful ribbon. Your guests will be astonished by your “fancy” wooden table runner.


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