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People are painting “pumpkin rocks” and hiding them for fun Fall scavenger hunts
The kids will love this project. This is the perfect way to brighten up the Fall season and they can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.
Rebecca Reid

Painted rocks are so fun and easy to do no matter your artistic talents.

Some very creative folks have been gearing up for Fall with some spooktacularly adorable painted rock ideas.

Helen Emmence shared her clever craft idea on Facebook @Crafty Morning Ideas.

“I make my own rocks and hide these little pumpkins around Halloween time!” – Emmence wrote.

The photo shows a plentiful pumpkin patch with varying facial expressions ready for a Fall scavenger hunt.

via Helen Emmence "I make my own rocks and hide these little pumpkins around Halloween time!" 🎃source:

Posted by Crafty Morning Ideas onSunday, September 5, 2021

The sky is the limit when it comes to painted rock designs.

There are great examples on the internet of painted rocks. You may have been lucky enough to find one on a hike or in your neighborhood.

Rocks are painted and left for people to find or to inspire people to leave one of their own. Sometimes rocks are painted for a purpose.

Although these strawberry rocks are a splash of fun in any yard, they were originally used to distract animals from the real deal. But of course, they are a great spring decoration as well.

Fall is yet another opportunity for some great rock designs and scavenger hunts.

If you aren’t sold on the pumpkin theme, why not try to paint some haunting images. The rock painting for your Fall scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be entirely about the living.

In this painted rock theme, the ghosts, skeletons, and gravestones are simply to die for.

The tall rock is perfect for this pumpkin witch.

Yes, sometimes the rock you find will give you the inspiration you need for a design.

Sometimes oblong or irregular rocks make the best palette.

The Frankenstein painted rock just wouldn’t look the same on a perfectly shaped rock. These are some super easy ideas for your holiday decorating.

They also make great gifts for teachers or neighbors.

Is it a rock or a work of art?

Let’s face it…rocks are a blank canvas and they allow the painter lots of artistic freedom depending on the size and shape.

This intricate hand-painted rock is like a piece of jewelry. You could try out some metallic paint pens to achieve the right look.

Get the kids involved.

Why not grab some glitter to make your painted rock extra special? Kids will love the opportunity to paint on something that isn’t paper.

The best part is you can find rocks outside and paint them outside. Less mess.

The super-talented creator of this special design was lucky to find the perfect shape.

Instagram@jenevererocks captioned her post –

“Halloween Feather” – The rock itself looked like a feather so I already had it spray painted white and outlined a black feather before deciding to color it in. I was preparing pens to use for Halloween rocks and these were the colors.”

Fall is a perfect time to be creative so why not try some of these ideas or one of your own?

Check out the video below for more Halloween-painted rock inspiration!

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Featured image credit: Virginia State Parks – Flickr

By Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid is a contributor at SBLY Media.