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Painting rocks is the all-ages activity our gardens and community can benefit from
Anyone can turn these sedimentary pods into works of art that can liven up any garden.
Elijah Chan

Imagination is the only limit when you have an almost unlimited amount of canvas.

Ever found yourself picking out those smooth eroded rocks from beaches and rivers?

Ever thought that they could be something more than mundane paperweights?

Well, they certainly can be.

These rocks can be more than just a “pet”. With the right tools and attitude, you can turn these sedimentary pods into works of art that could liven up your house.

These can be given as gifts or made into house decorations.

And the best part is, you can involve the whole family in this simple project – from choosing the rocks to painting them with different patterns and designs.

After this, you’ll definitely want to find more rocks to paint on. Especially when all you need are some brushes and acrylic paint.

Colorful garden friends

These rocks posted by @createandcherish featured three colorful ladybugs. The red and black might be iconic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be more creative.

Place some of these in your garden for a whimsical finish. But why stop there? How about painting bumblebees or butterflies?

You can also do colorful snail shells or beetles.

Words to encourage and remind

Posted by @sunrise_art_studio, painted rocks can also bear sweet or encouraging messages.

You can paint one and give them to friends and family to remind them how awesome they are.

You can also write on some rocks to label things and places like key bowls, shoe racks, mudrooms, or kitchen cupboards.

Cactus without the ouch

For those who love table decors, you can also transform rocks into other things like cacti. Now you can have your own succulent without the pressure of keeping them alive.

Also, depending on the occasion, you can also make Easter egg rocks or jack-o-lantern rocks. Santa faces, anyone?

Lose your eyes in mandalas and patterns.

You can also practice your artistry and dexterity with these tantalizing and mesmerizing mandalas. It might look easy but it will surely take a chunk of your time.

Mandala rock ❤️ from PaintedRocks

But don’t worry about the process.

It’s a meditative activity that will certainly boost your concentration and dexterity.

Besides, who wouldn’t want a coffee table décor that doesn’t break? Finish them off with lacquer and see them shine!

Icons and portraits

Do you have a favorite actor or character? Do you want unique memorabilia of them? Why not create your own? Nothing screams “ultimate fan” like a personally created “merch”.

Renee Grayson - Flickr
Renee Grayson - Flickr

You can also make simple portraits of friends and loved ones and give them as gifts on their special days.

Scenes of nature

You can also recreate scenes from wildlife from perched owls to curled-up foxes. If you want to immortalize your pets, you can do so too!

Took a break from my homework to paint some rocks. An owl, fox, and our cat Francis. from PaintedRocks

Set a scene with these pieces and show them off in your garden. Make your own wildlife safari scenes or show off some forest critters with your family’s work.

There you have it, some ideas to start you off with rock painting.

So grab a brush, and hunt for some good rocks because you’ll be doing this for a while when you start.

Tell us which one is your favorite!

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.