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Throwing a party soon? Make sure you have the perfect floral centerpiece for the occasion
Emma Smizer

Summer brings us a lot of things – vacations, beach trips, tan lines – but it also brings us all together. Your social calendar is undoubtedly filled, and only getting busier as the weeks roll by. That’s why we’re here to help inspire you and keep you ahead of the trends with these 7 perfect floral centerpieces for every kind of party you’ll be hosting this summer.

The Absolutely-Must Picnic Party

picnic flowers

Summer time = picnic time. Who doesn’t love a classic picnic party?

Make your friends green with envy with this refreshing and totally trendy take on a summer favorite. While you may not be able to drink from this pitcher, this will definitely be thirst-quenching in the decor department. Don’t be afraid to add your own flare by changing up the sliced fruit to match the flowers of your choice!

Gotta Have Your Girls-Night-In

girls night in flowers

I think we have all fallen in love with wine bottles and their gorgeous label art – now you can actually decorate with them!

Keep it simple by recycling your favorite wine bottles and tossing in a few stems of flowers in to match. Without breaking the bank, you’ll be able to brighten up any space with these stylish and effortless centerpieces.

For Your Dinner Party Needs

classy cocktail

If you have wine glasses and tea candles, you can make this elegant and surprisingly simple centerpiece. First, fill up each wine glass with water and add a flower of your choice. Next, gently set your candle down on the surface of the water to keep the flowers submerged. And voila! You’ll be amazed how this small touch will give your dinner party a new level of classiness.

Pro tip: Choose a hardy flower with a longer stem, such as orchids, roses, daisies or freesia for a long-lasting centerpiece.

A Tea Party They’ll Be Talking About

tea party flowers

Tea cups can be another simple way to spruce up your casual tea party without pouring in too much money. Use a simple full flower like hydrangea and place it in your favorite tea cups to freshen up your get-together. You can also fill a teapot with water and hydrangea for an even more dramatic look. The possibilities are endless, just like the compliments will be!

Bring Extra Style to Your Bridal/Baby Shower

picnic party

Don’t be afraid to travel off the beat path this summer for your special bridal or baby shower occasions – breaking away from the traditional baby blues and light pinks can give your party a bright new feeling of freshness. Colored mason jars and vibrant wildflowers are a style-must that will complete your showers without looking old fashioned. Try using teal mason jars with brightly colored flowers to give your centerpieces that extra pop.

Pro tip: make small, compact bouquets in your hand and tie the stems together with twine to give it a little country twist while keeping your flowers perfectly in place.

Brilliant and Beachy

beach party centerpieces

You can’t have summer without the beach. Plus, who hasn’t spent hours scrolling through beach photos and sighing with envy? With these creative and cute centerpieces, you can bring a little beach to your next pool party.

You can also reuse these centerpieces time and time again by actually giving your succulents a more permanent home in their seashells. Fill each shell with plenty of soil, then use multi-colored rocks to hide the dirt. Succulents need very little water, so not only are these trendy, but they’re also incredibly low maintenance!

Sunday (Funday) Brunch

sunday brunch flowers

Who doesn’t love brunch? Let’s be real, mimosas and quiches are a match made in heaven. So when it’s your turn to host your bi-weekly brunch, liven up your space with sunflowers and a touch of purple flowers, such as lilac or irises, for a pop of contrast. This timeless, rustic look is the very definition of summer.

Now get out there and up your hosting game by incorporating these deceptively easy centerpiece hacks!

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By Emma Smizer
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