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Want To Keep Your Valuables Safe At Home? Here Are 15 Unexpected Places To Hide Them

January 3rd, 2018

If you prefer to keep your valuables in your home rather than springing for a safety deposit box, there are some easy DIY methods you can use to keep them safe. You don’t have to turn your home into Fort Knox, there are plenty of ways you can hide valuables in your home in places no one but you would find them.

1) Hidden Tile

Buy some of these functional tiles that have a hidden drawer inside of them.

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droog Source: droog

2) Window Sill Drawer

Your window sill is also a great place to sneak a secret drawer.

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G.L. Callow Source: G.L. Callow

3) Diaper

This work great in your home and when you’re at the beach. You can hide your key, cell phone, and wallet on the beach by hiding it in a diaper. No one will want to go anywhere near that thing.

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Parent Hacks Source: Parent Hacks

4) Light Switch

This inexpensive stash box includes a 7 by 2.5″ compartment where you can hide your valuables.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

5) Chair Compartment

You can also follow the instructions here to create a hidden compartment in the seat cushion of a chair.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

6) Hidden Bookshelf Drawers

There’s a company, Top Secret Furniture, that solely creates furniture with hidden compartments.

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7) Carpet to Cover Space

You can hide a hidden crawlspace with a bit of carpet.

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Ilovelamp Source: Ilovelamp

8) Hide Keys in the Birdhouse

No one will find your spare set of keys if you hide it in this birdhouse which you can find here.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

9) Hide It In the Door

You can create this little hiding space in the door by following the steps below.

Source: Make:

10) Hide It In a Jar

Place a paper tube in the middle of the jar they pour in some grains to cover up the tube and keep it hidden. You can hide money or other small items inside the tube.

Source: decoracion

11) Hide It In the Freezer

You can also keep a stash in the freezer by reusing a steamed vegetable bag.

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Imgur Source: Imgur

12) Stash It in a Picture Frame

Get a photo frame that has a little bit depth and use that extra space to hide some cash, medication bottles, or other things.

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Etsy Source: Etsy

13) Fake Potted Plant

This fake plant even comes with fake soil that you can just lift up and hide y0ur valuables underneath.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

14) Hide It In the Stairs

If you’re going to re-do your stairs you can install some hidden drawers inside of them. Find out how the ones below were done here.

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Saving 4 Six Source: Saving 4 Six

15) Hide It In the Curtain Hem

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peanutbuttertoast Source: peanutbuttertoast

Another inconspicuous spot to hide small items is in the hem of your curtains. You can keep it together with a safety pin or a few stitches.

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