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6 Plants To Help You Sleep Better At Night
Karen Quintanilla

We at Shareably love gardens, but we also love houseplants that give life to your home and keep you healthy. Some houseplants clean the air we breathe of harmful toxins that can cause irritation and allergies and thwart our attempts at a good night’s sleep. If you find you are having trouble sleeping, consider welcoming a few natural air fresheners into your bedroom. Below is a list of helpful houseplants whose filtering abilities are beneficial to improving your mood and your sleep. After all, who doesn’t love a nice, deep slumber?

Aloe Vera


This succulent plant is well-known for its healing qualities and releases healthy amounts of oxygen at night. Because it is a succulent, it requires little watering and overall very little maintenance, making it a convenient natural air filter to keep in your bedroom. Aloe also reproduces easily, so you can share the joy of easy snoozing with the rest of your family!

English Ivy


NASA’s use of this plant to decontaminate the air is all the evidence we need to place a pot of it next to our pillows. With a bit of exposure to sunlight, this plant can purify the air around you and help ease asthma and allergy symptoms. There’s no better way to catch z’s than with clean airways.



A study conducted by the Wheeling Jesuit University proves that jasmine’s scent enhances the quality of sleep, which can improve our mood and help decrease anxiety. Not to mention this plant also produces a beautiful flower that is a charming decoration for any room.



Lavender is often used in aromatherapy for its beloved scent, which helps many people relax. Keeping some lovely lavender flowers can help your body relax faster, sleep better, and lower anxiety levels.

Snake Plant

snake plant

Like aloe vera, the snake plant emits oxygen at night, and is helpful in preventing eye irritations and in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. Its waxy leaves retain water, reducing the amount of maintenance and attention it requires.


This plant has many uses; its flower is often used for perfumes, while its roots are used to make teas. The valerian’s sweet scent is helpful in calming nerves, which is essential when trying to get a good quality sleep.

We often don’t recognize how many harmful pollutants are present in our homes, and how these toxins affect our breathing and sleep. Sleeping well helps us stay alert and productive throughout the day, and by keeping some natural air fresheners, you can get the sleep you deserve and improve your daily lifestyle.

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