Post divorce mom moves herself & daughter into tiny home that turns out better than she dreamed
This newly single mom decided to downsize and use the money from selling her previous home to purchase some luxury items you don't typically find in tiny homes. It is stunning!
Ma Fatima Garcia

Jen had the American dream until four years ago, she and her husband divorced.

It was an enormous change for her and her two kids. Now, she has to survive with one income. Jen decided to make changes in her life, and this started with giving her a huge home.

People love trying out living in tiny homes, and it’s also practical.

That is the reason why Jen sold her house and invested in a 34×10 tiny home.

Who would have thought that this tiny home would be Jen’s dream come true? Once you see her house, you will be amazed by its space, beauty, and functionality.

When she bought the trailer, it was left unattended for quite some time because she didn’t know where to start. Finally, she decided to look for a trusted builder, and she found one.

She was in awe at how fast they were. They allowed her to choose what she wanted, and she was able to give them the idea of her dream home.

Jen gave Jenna Kausal, the owner of the YouTube Channel Tiny House Giant Journey, a tour of what she calls her tiny mansion.

The first thing you will notice is the lighting, thanks to all 18 windows.

You get up in the morning with the sun shining brightly on your home – wouldn’t you have a wonderful day? It doesn’t look cramped at all because Jen’s kitchen is very spacious, and she has so much storage for everything she needs.

She has a two-door ref, an oven, a spacious countertop, a working and dining section, and even open shelves.

The house is white, which makes it looks more spacious, and the wooden accent is adorable. Thanks to her daughter, her home also have a few plants, which adds to its beauty.

Jen also has a staircase that doubles as a storage area. There are cabinets on the sides used as her pantry, storage for their shoes, and other stuff.

You would be surprised that her bathroom is really spacious.

She has a tub, a washing, and a big storage area for her clothes, which are neatly organized.

We’re all curious about their loft bedrooms, and there are two in this tiny mansion. One side is for Jen, and one for her daughter.

There’s also a cabinet on Jen’s loft, a small bookcase, and a stunning skylight.

Of course, they also have a reception area, complete with a big sofa with a footrest, a gorgeous fireplace, and a big TV. Oh, Jen also has a hanging chair.

There are also two spacious storage cabinets on each side of the trailer.

Who wouldn’t love storage spaces?

For Jen, this is one of her best decisions. She was able to do everything on her own, and she’s proud of herself.

Jen shared her thoughts on her journey to her tiny mansion:

“You can survive on one income, no matter how much that income is. You get to define your lifestyle. Now I’m at a place where I don’t have to compromise… I don’t have to be a relationship to afford it.”

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
Ma Fatima Garcia is a contributor at SBLY Media.