I Compared The Purple Pillow To The Competition – Which Pillow Was #1?
Which one was best?
Jenny Brown

If you want the short answer, here was the clear winner.

Purple Harmony vs. Dosaze Winner: The Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow

And now for the long answer:

This article was written in partnership with Dosaze. When it comes to getting a good night’s rest (especially for those with neck pain and tension headaches), the right pillow can make a world of difference. People often spend thousands of dollars trying to upgrade their sleep with an expensive mattress — but it’s crazy how a pillow (which is much less expensive) can make a huge difference by itself.

Right now, there are a couple of market leaders in the category – the Purple Harmony and the Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow.

With these two pillows on the market, it begs the question – which one should you get? Our team of three ordered both and have conducted a side by side comparison of these two products to recommend the one that we think is best for you.

We read hundreds of reviews of both pillows, ordered multiple units of each, and spent months sleeping on them.

We compared these two pillows across multiple dimensions and gave the following ratings – even, Dosaze/Purple Harmony slight winner, Dosaze/Purple Harmony clear winner

Here’s a summary of how they stacked up.

  • Functionality/effectiveness at reducing neck pain: clear winner, Dosaze
  • Suitability for side sleepers: slight winner, Dosaze
  • Suitability for combination sleepers: clear winner, Dosaze
  • Customer service: even
  • Price: clear winner, Dosaze
  • Materials/quality: even

Here’s some more detail on each of the categories above and how we came to our conclusions.

Functionality/effectiveness at reducing neck pain – clear winner, Dosaze

Purple Harmony and Dosaze make similar claims, but after we tested them, we prefer the Dosaze pillow, especially when it comes to relieving neck pain and tension headaches.

There are notable differences in the shapes of the pillow — the Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow leverages a contour shape that keeps your head and neck in alignment. There is a contour in the center of the pillow and you will also notice that (and this is important for side sleepers), the rear is very slightly lower than the front of the pillow, which allows the pillow to conform to the natural shape of your head and neck when you are lying on your side.

Compare this to the Purple Pillow, which is just flat — this can actually lead to you putting some unnecessary pressure on your ears and neck. Since the vast majority of sleepers are combination sleepers, and the Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow reduces neck pain for both back and side sleepers, Dosaze is the clear winner here.

We simply found that Dosaze did a better job at reducing our neck pain – it really works well.

Suitability for side sleepers – slight winner, Dosaze

The Purple Harmony and Dosaze are both solid options for side sleepers. They are both suitable heights for most side sleepers (to fill your shoulder gap) and are made of supportive and comfortable memory foam. The reason we give the slight edge to Dosaze is because the slight lowering of the pillow near the rear is ideal for side sleepers, while the Purple Harmony is just flat.

Suitability for Combination Sleepers – clear winner, Dosaze

This is where Dosaze really stands out.

Dosaze has an innovative shape – the contour of this pillow is amazing. It does wonders to align your neck and back and keeps your neck in place throughout the night. This reduces neck pain, tension headaches, and even alleviates snoring and sleep apnea (because your airways won’t get blocked).

And it actually works for all sleepers – the shape of this pillow is ideal for two reasons: (1) it aligns your head and neck and keeps it in place and (2) if you are a combination sleeper (and sleep on your back and side), you can sleep on the edge of the pillow (which is higher) when you side sleep and you can roll into the middle of the pillow (into the contour) when you sleep on your back. Stomach sleepers (who usually stay on their stomachs) can sleep in the contour.

Here’s a photo of Jenny (part of our team) using the Dosaze in all sleep positions:

Compare this to the Purple Harmony pillow.

The Purple Harmony simply is not a good pillow for combination sleepers. Because it is one consistent height throughout the pillow, your neck will and back will get misaligned if you try to sleep on it on your back. This can cause neck pain and uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Some people on our team tend to wake up with headaches – an added benefit of Dosaze is that it helps prevent tension headaches. Users do not report this additional benefit with the Purple Harmony.

Customer service – Winner, Dosaze

While it’s impossible to please every customer, Dosaze goes out of its way to make everyone who purchases a pillow happy. You can see in the review on the site that customers really appreciate Dosaze’s customer service:


Price – clear winner, Dosaze

The Purple Harmony is priced at $179 for standard and $219 for the King size, while the Dosaze pillow is priced at $119.99. The purple pillow is much more expensive. In our opinion this additional cost is not worth it because the cover is not even that cool.

Pexels/Karolina Grabowska
Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Materials / quality – slight winner, Dosaze

Dosaze comes with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam – this certification means that the foam and factory through rigorous testing to ensure it met strict standards for content, performance, durability, and emissions.

As for the Purple Harmony pillow, you can tell it is also made of premium quality latex. However, we weren’t able to confirm if it has the same certification. But it is heavy and feels premium when you use it.

The Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic pillow’s cover also consists of a bamboo blend. The Purple Harmony has a polyester spandex blend cover which also feels nice, and is quite cool.

After our review of both the Dosaze and Purple Harmony pillows, Dosaze is the clear winner.

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