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15 Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Home

June 28th, 2017

Getting rid of stuff isn’t always easy. Your items might have sentimental value or you may find yourself wondering if you will end up needing it down the road.

However, decluttering your life has so many benefits.

When your space is decluttered so is your mind and it also leaves space for new things to come into your life. Sometimes you accumulate so many things you don’t even know where to start.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you figure out if you should let something go or keep it.

Have I Used This in 6 Months?

If you haven’t used the item in six months or more than it’s likely that you won’t use it in the next six months. It’s time to toss it out, donate, give it away, or sell it.

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Do I Even Know What This Is For?

If you have to look at it for more than a few seconds to figure out what it is or what it’s used for, get rid of it.

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How Many Do I Need?

You only need so many of a certain thing. Determine how many you actually need and get rid of the rest.

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Would You Buy It Back If It Was Stolen and Pawned?

If the answer is yes, then definitely keep it because if you’d be willing to put all that effort into getting it back then it must be worth keeping.

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Does This Item Have Useful Information?

Can you Google the information in that book? Do you need that information in the first place? These are good questions to ask when trying to declutter things like books.

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Would You Buy It Right Now If You Were Shopping?

If not then why the heck would you keep it?

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Would You Want to Pack and Unpack the Item?

Is this item something you want to deal with and ensure that you kept track of during a move? If not, you don’t need it in your home now.

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Do You Really Like This?

It’s nice to hold onto something because someone gave it to you, but not when it’s cluttering your home. You can be grateful without being a hoarder. If you really don’t like it, toss it!

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Will You Like It In 6 Months?

If you answered yes to the last question, then ask yourself if you will still like the item in six months to a year. If you can’t easily answer this question, you may want to think about letting it go.

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Does This Item Have Significant Sentimental Value?

Sometimes things are worth keeping if they leave you with fond memories. Especially if those items belonged to or were given to you by someone who passed on. However, there is no need for overkill.

You’ll have to use careful discretion here when decided what to keep and what to get rid of in this situation. The best way to answer that question is to ask yourself if you will lose those good memories if you get rid of it.

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Is It More Than a Decoration?

You only need so much home decor before it becomes clutter. If the item serves an additional purpose other than just for decoration, that could be your reason to hold on to it.

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Are You Only Holding Onto This Because It Was Costly?

If the answer is yes, try to sell it online. There are tons of websites and apps for this.

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Do You Have to Move It Often?

If you find that the item often has to be moved on a frequent basis to get to other things, then that’s a good indication that it’s clutter.

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Do You Have a Realistic Plan For Using This Item?

Yes, that would make a great Halloween costume but do you actually have a real plan to use it as a Halloween costume? If not, then say goodbye to it.

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Do You Care Enough To Clean It?

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If not, then it’s likely clutter. You shouldn’t be holding onto things that aren’t clean anyways.

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