10 Ways give your home a makeover for free

April 7th, 2021

Freshening up the look of your home can help energize you, as well as impress family and friends coming over for a visit. But who has a lot of spare cash to invest in new furniture, paint, or artwork?

Good news … you don’t need any money at all to give your home a new look!

From rearranging your furniture to switching up your rugs, you can create a new look in no time.

1. Move a few key things to new places

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A quick way to refresh the look of your home without spending any money is to rearrange your furniture. This means grabbing the items that are an eyesore and finally moving them out of sight. Taking those pieces you love and making them the centerpiece.

Decide what you want and don’t want to keep. Get rid of or store seldom-used or unwanted furniture and put something in that space that brings the room to life.

2. Change up the artwork

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Wikimedia Commons – Rachel Kaminsky Source: Wikimedia Commons – Rachel Kaminsky

Artwork really makes a space pop. Simply moving a picture from one wall to another can really change up the look of your rooms.

Another way to give your artwork added life is to change out the frame on your pictures. This one step can give your paintings and family photos a whole different look.

3. Add outside plants inside

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There is nothing wrong with adding a little greenery to your indoor space. Plants and flowers can literally bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

When bringing some of your outside plants inside, pay attention to the plants you use because some are better suited for placement indoors than others.

4. Repurpose old items

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Pixabay – PublicDomainArchive Source: Pixabay – PublicDomainArchive

Do you have a few old items lying around that you don’t use anymore? Check your closet, garage, or storage unit. You can use these as items to decorate your home.

An example of this would be placing old books on end tables and other surfaces in your home. Add a few knickknacks and you have a nice display that gives your space a unique look.

5. Trade items of décor with a friend

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Wikimedia Commons – Fanusta Source: Wikimedia Commons – Fanusta

If you have a friend who likes to decorate as much as you do, then chances are they would be willing to trade decorative items with you.

You could even make it a tradition of trading items with your friends throughout the year, allowing you to constantly keep your home looking new all year long.

6. Add a little leftover paint

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Flickr – Denise Krebs Source: Flickr – Denise Krebs

If you happen to have some leftover paint, then you have an easy way to brighten the look of your home.

A fresh coat of paint, or two, on the walls can really update the look of a room. Or, if you don’t have that much paint, simply painting a piece of furniture is an easy way to add some color or paint one wall as an accent wall.

7. Change how you make your bed

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Pixabay – ErikaWittlieb Source: Pixabay – ErikaWittlieb

In many cases, you make your bed the same way day after day, if you make it at all. But changing the way you make your bed is an easy way to update the look of your bedroom.

Alter the way you fold down your covers or stack your pillows for an effective way to make your bed look different. Adding blankets that you might have stored away is another great way to change your room’s look.

8. Recover furniture

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Pixabay – MIH83 Source: Pixabay – MIH83

If you have some old fabric lying around, consider using it to cover an old chair or another item of furniture. This alone is enough to make it feel like you have a whole new piece of furniture.

When covering furniture this way, try to use complementing colors, if you have them. Otherwise, change out your items of décor and furniture until you get a match you are satisfied with.

9. Display vintage items

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Piqsels Source: Piqsels

If you have any vintage items, such as an old lunchbox, an old pale, jars, or other items, then use them as a display piece.

Vintage items give a rustic or nostalgic feel to the rooms in your home, giving them a cozier and homier feel.

10. Switch up your rugs

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Wikimedia Commons – Niagara Source: Wikimedia Commons – Niagara

Did you know that you can turn over some area rugs?

Mainly restricted to oriental rugs, doing this exposes the weave underneath and has a more muted color.

[H2] Check out this video with some great ideas on how to give your home a fresh look.

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