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Man Turns Ambulance Into Tiny Home To Travel The World
This ambulance is a 'tiny' home that has everything you need to travel the world!
Ryan Aliapoulios

Have you ever wanted to pack up and get away from it all?

Most of us have probably had fleeting fantasies about going on the road and leaving our old lives behind. Although most of us are likely kept in place by our jobs or our families, we may still dream about traveling the world in retirement. Still, those who are fortunate enough to have the flexibility to work and travel right now may be wondering: where do I begin?

One man named Ian Dow found a particularly cheap and ingenious solution.

Dow goes by Ianternational on Reddit and has chronicled his adventures in a renovated ambulance.

Dow used to be based out of California but has since hit the road in an ambulance he bought on eBay. After taking everything out, one of the first steps was putting in some beautiful teak flooring. Still, there were some dog-related hiccups along the way.

After that, Dow put in a whole range of fixtures and appliances.

There’s a fold-out table, a kitchenette and a couch/bed combination as well. The van comes fully outfitted with all the amenities of a small home, including a propane-powered stove and a master switchboard for all the electronics throughout. Though the project was an enormous undertaking, everything turned out great.

And best of all? Dow’s canine companion Dino feels completely at home.

Dow answered many questions about his beloved vehicle (which he calls Ambi) in an interview on Dirt Orcas.

While there are many joys and conveniences (as well as inconveniences) to life on the road, Dow says that the most exciting part of it all has been stretching himself and learning new things.

“This project has tested me in so many fields. I’ve battled in lock-smithing while carving my own keys to fit lock barrels, mechanic work on a big diesel engine that’s new to me, woodworking, metal working, electrical, designing, engineering, upholstering and even sewing. It’s all there.”

For those interested in all the ins-and-outs, Dow has an Instagram account chronicling his travels as well.

In all, Dow’s renovated ambulance is an incredible example of human ingenuity.

Although it may cost a fair amount of money up front, there’s something very exciting about the idea of being completely mobile. Although it’s certainly not for everyone, there’s something to be said for this exciting lifestyle.

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By Ryan Aliapoulios
Ryan Aliapoulios is a contributing writer at Shareably based out of Los Angeles. Find him on Twitter @rollyops.