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Don't toss your old clothes. Here are 18 brilliant ways to reuse them around the home
D.G. Sciortino

Your closet is full, yet you have nothing to wear. This has all been us at one time or another. Thanks to the internet, we’ve discovered lots of ways to repurpose your old clothing so you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe or throw all your old stuff out.

Here are 18 of our favorite ways to repurpose your clothing.

Insert Lace

Lace is a great way to jazz up your clothing and make it look completely new. Consider adding lace inserts to the sides of your shirt or cutting the side of your jean shorts and adding a triangular lace insert. There are endless things you can do with lace to create a brand new garment, like swap out your sleeves for lace trim.



Fringe Shirt/Vest

Shred the bottom half of a long t-shirt to create a fringe shirt. Cut off the sleeves and slit it up front to make a fringe vest.

Add Some Trim

Sew or glue some fringe, feathers, lace or beaded trim to the bottom of a shirt to give it a new look. You can also add beading or rhinestones on the sleeves of your shirt to fancify it.

Jean Pocket Purse

Cut off the back pocket of an old pair of jeans, add a button and some embellishments like rhinestones or feathers, and attach a strap to make a tiny purse.



Stripped Tie Tye

Place strips of tape over a t-shirt in a design of your fashion and dye or tie dye the garment. Pull off the tape when you’re done and you’ll have a cool graphic look.

T-Shirt Apron

You don’t have to toss out your favorite band t-shirts that don’t fit anymore. You can repurpose them into an apron by cutting the front of your t-shirt into a long square. Chop off the sleeves and glue or sew them to the bottom to make pockets and use the rest of the material to create a strap to wrap around your waist.

You can also use a collared shirt and just chop off the sleeves and slit the back so you can tie it around you.

T-Shirt Tiered Maxi Dress

Cut your first t-shirt at the waist, then sew three layers of different colored t-shirts to create an attached skirt.


Clothed Much
Clothed Much

Bleach Pen Your Clothing

Use a bleach pen to write a message or design on your clothing for a new look.

Stamp It Up

Dip a stamp is some clothing paint and stamp up your clothing to create a fun new piece.

Dye It

Does your favorite garment have bleach or other unremovable stains? You can try dying it to cover the stain. Dying your clothes isn’t as tedious as it may seem. You can do it right in your bathroom sink.

Macrame Razorback T-Shirt

You can cut up a t-shirt and twist it in such a way that you can create a macrame look. Here‘s how to create that pretty macrame razorback top.


Trash to Couture
Trash to Couture

Slit Back T-Shirt

Cut multiple slits in the back of your shirt to give it the appearance of being slashed or make four spread out slits and wrap each panel with a bow, lace, ribbon or embellishment in the center.

Add a Zipper

Get a funky and modern look by inserting an exposed zipper into the sides of your t-shirt or the tops of your sleeves or in any unique spot.

Sweater Shirt

Chop off the top of an old sweater, add an elastic waistband and you have yourself a brand new skirt. If you don’t want to complicate things with elastic, use a belt to hold it up.



Bow Back Sweater

Snazz up a boring sweater by cutting a scoop shape into the back the sewing a large ribbon to each side of the sweater back below your neck and tie it in a beautiful bow.

Safety Pin Shirt

Cut a slit down the middle of the back of a shirt or sweater. Use a few nice looking safety pins to hold it together.

Men’s Shirt Dress

Use an oversized men’s collared dress shirt to create a dress. You can cut a triangle into the shoulders so your shoulders are visible or cut off the sleeves and collar. Throw a belt on and you’re done.

Cage Top


The Felted Fox
The Felted Fox

Add ribbon to a spaghetti strap tank top or dress to create a cage top look.

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