Woman Transforms Shipping Container Into Modern Home

April 18th, 2019

One family turned a 40-foot shipping container into a 33-foot modern tiny home and additional income stream in their backyard in Denver, Colorado.

They wanted to create a guest home for their family and friends as well as Airbnb users, so they got to work on it.

Sarsha created a 235-foot square container home with her husband. He is a designer with a love for modular design and enjoys making something ugly into something more inviting. He definitely succeeded with this tiny home.

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Sarsha via AirBnB Source: Sarsha via AirBnB

Creating the Home

The couple worked to adapt the shipping container and construction to fit their vision for it, and their dream was for it to be very modern with lots of space. The result is that they turned an ugly shipping container into something that is light, airy, and truly modern.

Everything needed to be measured precisely to make sure it could fit in the space. The family and construction workers had to put in extra time designing everything correctly so that it would work in such a small space.

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Sarsha via AirBnB Source: Sarsha via AirBnB


You enter the container home through two french doors that latch back fully to provide more room to move as well as giving anyone on the sofa a beautiful view of the backyard through the doors.

In addition to the entrance, there are long windows to bring in plenty of light. This was an important addition to the home for both Sarsha as well as her other half. They really wanted to bring light into the space.

The kitchen is actually fairly large despite the limited amount of room in the overall structure. It has plenty of storage including a shelf overhead for their glasses.

There is an induction stove to cook with as well as a nearly-full-sized fridge and freezer. There is also a microwave and coffee machine taking up space on the polished counters.

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Sarsha via AirBnB Source: Sarsha via AirBnB

It all fits!

The bathroom is fully functioning and a decent size. There’s no struggling to fit into this room. The shower is even full size. They really managed to pack things in without losing the feel of the place or having to shorten or otherwise adapt ordinary items. Instead, they found a way for everything to fit perfectly.

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Sarsha via AirBnB Source: Sarsha via AirBnB

The couple put their TV on a bracket on the wall so it can rotate to either face the living room or the bedroom, saving some space by removing the need for an additional television.

Even the bedroom has a larger area than expected. It has a queen-sized bed as well as a small wardrobe for guests, and there is surprisingly still room to walk around. It doesn’t feel unnecessarily cramped.

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Sarsha via AirBnB Source: Sarsha via AirBnB

In addition to that bed, the sofa also turns into a queen sized bed to provide extra space and so that the whole family can sleep comfortably in the space on nights when they aren’t renting it out or having people they know stay over.

As for how they keep everything a perfect temperature for any occupants, in Denver, they get both hot and cold weather, so they use a heater/AC unit to manage both types of weather without taking up additional space.

It’s quite a spectacular little abode with a surprising amount of room and modernity for something created from a shipping container. They really did manage to produce a dream guest home from rather unexpected origins.

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Source: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube