Couple shave 15 years off their mortgage by building a Scandanavian longhouse inspired small home
Their small home packs a big punch in a small space.
Marilyn Caylor

Warm, inviting, and oh soooo comfy.

This tiny Scandanavian-inspired longhouse is someplace you actually WANT to actually live in!

Like many tiny homes, Matt and Heidi Horton’s dream house is both warm and welcoming, but what makes it different from all the others out there is its unique small yet expansive size.

The long and narrow design was inspired by the Nordic longhouse, which harkens back to the 9th-century Viking days.

The property sits on a half-acre of prime New Zealand countryside.

And because they want to be as self-sufficient as possible, Matt and Heidi built a functional greenhouse.

There’s also a gorgeous garden for them to sit back and enjoy the more sensory pleasures of life.

Although the outside of the house looks quite striking with its interesting mix of black cedar and lodge pine, it’s the inside that will blow you away.

The double bi-fold doors give way to a cozy interior that rolls a workspace, living quarters, and doggy hangout into a tight little package.

The couple certainly didn’t skimp out on all the stuff that makes life so much easier to get on with.

Matt and Heidi managed to fit all conveniences of a big house into a much smaller one, with appliances that include a full-size range, dishwasher, and pull-out pantries.

There’s also plenty of counter space for Heidi to do her cooking demonstrations for work.

Tiny-home living means that you have to make the most of what space you have, but going minimalist doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the bougie amenities.

The couple splashed out on the little things, like the stone tile in the shower.

Next to the washing machine, which is a must, is the vanity that Matt designed and built himself.

YouTube Screenshot - Living In A Big Tiny House
YouTube Screenshot - Living In A Big Tiny House

Believe it or not, this tiny home includes a second bedroom, which is currently used for storage.

Heidi does a lot of canning with the abundance of produce they get from their garden, which means they can stock up and have access to “fresh” food throughout the winter.

The many ways that this couple utilizes space in functional yet beautiful ways are endless.

Take this headboard, for example.

It actually hides a walk-in closet behind it!

Matt shared that they were inspired to build this longhouse after staying in an Airbnb that had a similar vibe, and now they finally have the home of their dreams.

For more on Matt and Heidi’s tiny longhouse, check out their Instagram page.

Watch the video below for a firsthand peek at this gorgeous tiny longhouse.

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