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She Sheds Are A Woman’s Alternative To The Man Cave

April 5th, 2019

Men have man caves to do their manly things in (or watch TV). Now, women have a space of their own as well. It’s called a she shed, and it’s the perfect solution for women who need their own sacred space as well.

The she shed, as the name implies, is usually separate from the house and takes up about the same amount of space as a garden shed. It’s a place where women can be women, however they would like to be.

Are you ready for a man cave – or she shed – of your own?

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Man Caves

We all know what a man cave is. It’s a space where a man can go to escape. It is usually located in a garage, the den, basement, or spare room in the house. It may end up being a mini theater room, a shrine to football, or anything else that particular man desires.

The idea behind the man cave is that it is where a man can do as he pleases without worrying about interfering with the rest of the home’s decor or design.

But What About She Sheds?

She sheds are away from the house and the chaos within them. They are a separate and quiet space that can be used for anything a woman would like.

A she shed can become a yoga studio, a dance studio, a craft room, a reading room, an art studio, or just a space to get away. The possibilities are endless and only depend on the interests of the women who it will belong to.

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Designing the Interior

She sheds are often designed in warm colors and with aesthetics in mind. Letting in a lot of sunlight can help to make one the perfect relaxing space outside in a little corner of nature.

Some, such as a yoga studio, are more functional and have a clear space for activities. Others are decorated with soft sofas, artwork, rugs, and accent pieces to fill the space.

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And the Exterior

She sheds may even have a little herb or flower garden of their own to finish the look and bring the space further than just the four walls. A stone pathway going to the she shed keeps shoes out of the mud but can also add to the design and feel of the she shed.

As for where to get the structure itself, consider repurposing a shed that is already in the yard or building your own. If neither of these is a good option, there are plenty of companies that offer prefabricated buildings that you can decorate any way you would like. All it takes is ordering one and having it delivered.

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If you are going to build a she shed or have one delivered, make sure to think about windows and which part of the building you want facing the sun during various parts of the day. Are you a morning person and want the sun hitting the front windows just as you start your day, or are you an evening person and want to catch those last few rays while on your little patio right before the sun sets?

The possibilities are endless. Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas. There are plenty of she sheds already out there waiting to inspire your own.

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