People Are Calling This House 'Most Beautiful Tiny Home Ever'

June 13th, 2019

This striking and ultramodern tiny home belongs to a happy couple, Matt and Lisa.

Linda always had a passion for tiny homes and wanted one in her future. Matt happens to be an excellent builder with an established business that includes remodeling kitchen and bathrooms.

When the two of them got together and started dating, a tiny home to die for was the natural result of their love.

Once they began dating, it took a year for the couple to get started on the house. We guess they still needed time to go on a few dates and get to know each other a little bit first. We’re glad they did.

It turns out they can make a pretty spectacular tiny home when their two minds are put to the test. They can create interior and exterior design magic together.

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Living Big In A Tiny House Source: Living Big In A Tiny House

The tiny home

The sharp look, smooth lines, rising height, matching shade cloths reaching over the deck, and nearly completely black exterior of the tiny home make it an imposing structure despite its moderately small size and the relatively small amount of land that it fits on.

Everything is put together flawlessly with evident skill, planning, and care. The detail work done is amazing, and it extends well into the interior of the building. This is no shabby-chic space. It’s a modern luxury.

The tiny home also has wheels, meaning that this astounding little structure can go places, as long as the proper permits are obtained.

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Living Big In A Tiny House Source: Living Big In A Tiny House

The interior

The unusual extra height of the tiny home makes it feel spacious when you enter. This is no cramped living space.

To top it all off, everything is finished and decorated to perfection thanks to Matt’s expert remodeling skills. It’s clearly a labor of love and something they enjoyed creating and working on together. The couple did most of the work themselves, although they admit to calling in experts for a few things when needed.

They wanted every aspect of the home to be complete perfection. And it is.

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Walking through

The living room has ample space for the couple to sit and watch television with their cats. There is a compact stove nearby to provide comfort and heat for long nights at home. The hanging lighting and plants add a little bit of magic to the space.

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Living Big In A Tiny House Source: Living Big In A Tiny House

The kitchen is completely modern, with sleek and clean designs throughout. Being a tiny home, some of the appliances have been nestled beneath the stairs to take advantage of all available space. Despite this (or because of it), there is a sense of spaciousness in the kitchen, with plenty of room to move around, chop vegetables, or chat and cook a meal together.

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Living Big In A Tiny House Source: Living Big In A Tiny House

There are also two wardrobes for clothing, so there is no fighting over space to hang something. They each have their own space for their items. And of course, there is a luxury bathroom with no detail spared. As for somewhere to sleep, there is a loft bed with a view of the sky.

A series of skylights and mirrors bring more light and a sense of space into the tiny home. There is no feeling confined or restricted in this modern tiny house.

To see more, watch the video tour:

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