The storage space packed into this incredibly “big” modern tiny home is amazing
Colin and Megan wanted to downsize to a tiny home they could retire in. This was without a doubt the right answer.
Jaclyn Abergas

Now that their two daughters are grown and moved out of their family home, Colin and Megan decided they didn’t need all that space anymore.

At the same time, they were already watching shows about tiny home living and Colin thought it was really cool.

And so the journey began.

What does Megan think?

“I thought there’s no way my wife would do it,” Colin shared. “But it was her who originally said, ‘I could do it.'”

YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House
YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House

With Megan on board, the couple decided to downsize and jumpstart their tiny home-living journey.

Megan said she had never seen Colin move so fast, designing their new home and selling their belongings.

He was always sharing with her different ideas they could incorporate into their tiny home.

They went for it.

They finally decided on building their tiny house on a heavy-duty gooseneck trailer.

They wanted a space that was large enough for their basic needs plus a few extras. And they wanted a tiny home that had more weight so they can add in more.

YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House
YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House

And since they wanted this tiny home to last them even during their retirement years, they wanted a real bedroom and not a sleeping loft.

Colin and Megan had a professional company build the shell of the house but the interior was completely bare.

Working with a clean slate.

The couple wanted to work with a clean slate so they can design it according to their plans.

Colin used to work as a cabinet maker and he took advantage of that in this home.

There were lots of tiny and big storage cabinets and drawers everywhere.

In their kitchen, they have two counters and lots of shelves, drawers, and cabinets.

They even added kickback drawers at the bottom for their pots, baking pans, and other small items.

YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House
YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House

Built to be multi-purpose.

For their dining area, they repurposed an old wooden door from a cafe in the city as their dining table, as well as their work table.

They even added a small drawer underneath with their office supplies and two small cabinets underneath the table with more office items.

Their bathroom is unlike the other bathrooms we’ve seen in tiny homes.

The decision to build on a gooseneck trailer was definitely a good one because they get to have a glass-enclosed shower, an incinerating toilet, a large sink with a counter, and a washer.

And, of course, there’s a lot of storage!

Because the bathroom is beside the stairs going to the bedroom, there is a lot of space to build drawers underneath the stairs.

There’s a small cabinet for the toilet paper rolls, a drawer for the clean towels and dirty clothes, plus a drawer/bench.

There’s even a pullout drawer on top of the washer that can double as a drying rack for their clothes.

YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House
YouTube - Living Big In A Tiny House

And Colin did not forget the stairs!

There’s a kickboard drawer at the foot of the stairs as well as extra storage in the middle of the stairs.

In the bedroom, they had their bedframe customized so they can put up the mattress to store extra beddings and pillows.

And on the side, they have drawers for more clothes and pigeon holes for their shoes.

It’s a perfect fit.

The entire house has been carefully designed to really fit their lifestyle.

And, more than that, they’ve also placed their home on a vast land, where they have space for an outdoor deck and a beautiful, luscious vegetable garden.

Watch the video below to see the entire house and inspire your own tiny home.

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By Jaclyn Abergas
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Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.