When you think of lemon juice, you probably think of lemonade. There are actually many different uses for lemon juice. Sure, you can use it in recipes in your kitchen, but you can also use it throughout your home.

In fact, you can even use lemon juice as part of your daily beauty regimen. Lemon is full of nutrients and is strong enough to act as a cleaning product, but it is gentle enough to use on your skin. Lemon juice is also easy to obtain and affordable.

While you may not always keep a bowl of lemons on your counter or a pitcher of lemon juice in your fridge, you may change that when you learn about all the reasons lemon juice can help make your life easier. It’s more than just a tasty addition to tea or a way to keep your guacamole fresh.

Lemon juice can help brighten hair, nails, and laundry; soothe a sore throat and dry skin; and even work as a deodorant. It’s really amazing what a little lemon juice can do. Here are 35 genius uses for lemon juice that you have probably never heard of before.